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heel/toe reverse shifter installation

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Hey comrades, I'm back.


I want to upgrade my reverse shift on my 2015 GU from the hand shift to a heel/toe shift as I cannot at this time afford a tank shifter. Does anyone have any information I might want to have before I go about this or is this fairly straight forward, remove the old and replace? Thanks.

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I did this same swap on my 14 just for grins. I didn't know if I would like it but I love it. It is much easier to get into reverse quickly and it saved my bacon once when a left turning car cut into my lane at a stoplight. Also my tranny has over 46,000 km on it now and sometimes when I shifted to neutral at a light, the old shifter would drop slightly and prevent me shifting to first. The heel-toe shifter doesn't do that.

The only downside is that the shifter install is touchy about which notch you use when you install. Rotate too much to the rear and you can't get to the toe pedal for the fuel injector. Rotate too much to the front and the heel pedal gets pretty high.

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