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Hi out there I stumbled across some pretty good how to videos on fixing the bike, repairing and adjustment the bike. Valves, Sidecar Etc Looks like the videos are coming from the main Factory in Russia. However there's no way to save these files does anyone know if there is a DVD ofl these files videos for sale??

Jon Lilley

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If you are using FireFox there is an add-on called "Video Download Helper". It will let you save most videos to your hard drive and you can put them on a flash drive or burn them to a DVD.

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Hope this works I thing that this is the link


This one is pretty basic just how to change your oil but some of them are pretty good like how to align the sidecar, changing the fluid in the front forks, changing your brake shoes sorry pads.

How to remove the battery, all sorts of really good information. I thought if somebody had the ability to download the video and save them to a DVD that would be helpful for us who don't own a computer and have to borrow a friend's computer.

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That video shows a younger Sergei, the Russian mechanic brought to the USA from the Irbit Factory, working on 2003-ish(?) Ural,

at the IMWA (Irbit Motor Works of America) facility in Redmond, Washington, USA. I was one of the locals that helped Sergei set up their new Shop.

I wonder if they still have those videos available?


There are certainly many such helpful aids available through this Discussion Board, but they require a computer for access.


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