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Left jug blowing oil

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Air, Fuel, Spark.


Your EFI system maintains the air/fuel mixture by monitoring RPM, oxygen, and crank shaft position,

and adjusting fuel and spark to fit the programmed requirements (the "map"), that the manufacturer determined was best for your engine and pollution prevention rules.


So what can change?

Fuel starvation: Make sure the fuel lines are flowing from the tank to the EFU unit, just as you would with a carburetor system.

Air: Make sure there are no leaks between the EFI body output and the cylinder. (the "seals.")

Oxygen: Make sure the oxygen sensors' wires are still connected.

Spark: Check plug gap, same as any infernal combustion engine.

Of course valve adjustment should be periodically checked, as with any ic engine.


What could fail? The EFI unit, an oxygen sensor, electrical connections, crank shaft position sensor...


Just some thoughts for clarification. Hopefully.


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I replaced the head gasket and the leak has stopped. However, I still have the back fire problem and the fact that my engine does not want to idle at all. I'm thinking at this point the problem there is either a dirty screen in the fuel tank, a dirt fuel filter, or quite possibly a dirty air filter. It might also be the throttle cable needs to be adjusted. Your thoughts on this?



1. What EFI map are you running?

2. Do you have the ability and equipment to balance your throttle bodies at idle correctly?


Warm idle speed should be set to 1050rpm.

I don't know what EFI map I am running nor do I have either the equipment or the ability at this point to balance the throttle bodies out. Can a guy purchase that sort of stuff on a tight budget? Thanks.


It will cost you approximately $100 to get the cables, OBD reader and software to balance the throttle bodies.


As far as knowing what EFI map you have.....the stock one the bike comes with runs the bike somewhat lean and causes popping and farting, especially starting off.


There is another, better map which enrichens the fuel mixture.....much less (maybe even nonexistent) popping and farting. It is OR 1.02.


Only way to know which map you have is to have your dealer connect his computer to the bike and tell you.


Contact me if you are interested in learning what exactly you need to balance your throttle bodies.

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Yesterday just for kicks and giggles, I decided to check the spark on both cylinders. Both bright and hot. I also noticed that when I actually run the bike, the right jug shows blue smoke and smells of raw gas. I know if the spark is good, ignition is not the issue. I am now beginning to think this is an ECU problem on the right side. Your thoughts and opinions are truly appreciated.

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The oil that was going through the exhaust for a while may have killed your O2 sensor, this would affect the fuel ratio for sure since the computer would be getting the wrong info about the level of combustion taking place. The catalytic converter may also be partially clogged due to the oil.

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