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2000 Ural Deco Classic w/2010 750cc Motor and Nippon Denso Alternator

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Thank you Malamute. As you can read from my post in response to Russian Bike Nut, my latest research into selling it has led me to keep it for now. But I will post more current and complete photos for purposes of salivary entertainment.

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Gene is great. I had purchased some parts...Ural gearbox, etc. Received everything fast.

I did the BMW conversion in my garage. Bought both donor bikes (BMW R80/7 & R100RT) in good running condition to hear and test the engine.

Gene (Holopaw) Langford shipped a new Ural Gearbox to Richard Winter, who helped me with gearbox (welding/grinding modification to meet BMW engine) and new BMW /2 clutch plate. That probably was 2005-2006.post-191-0-50891500-1568260899_thumb.png

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I kept and used the BMW exhaust, ignition coils (attached to each frame L&R downtubes). The air filter housing and the filter were purchased from auto store. Can't remember now...but I suspect it was from the AutoZone.


Let me see if I can post a picture for entertainment.





I now regret selling that bike, but I was in rush for something heavier and faster:-) and 1998 Honda Valkyrie with Campion Escort sidecar replaced the Ural for another 4 years of fun. It was a tourer, which could do 70MPh all day. Gas mileage was 20-23 per gal. And I had a 5 gal. reserve tank in sidcar trunk with an electric pump that was pumping fuel on a nonstop freeway ride.



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