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Universal joints


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Recently bought a 2017 Ural, very pleased with it overall.


I noticed after about 1000 miles that there is what I consider considerable movement in one direction of the universal joint that is on the bike side of the drive axle. The end caps on the side fitted to the bike seem fine, but the ones on the axle itself have about 3/16 inch play so that it actually clunks up and down when wheeling it manually in the garage. The joint at the other end has some play in one direction but not as much. The result is that if I grab the axle I can clunk it up and down as if the bearings themselves are broken, but it is all just where the gap is between the end cap and yoke is.


The caps are secured fine, they are captivated by the housing just like any U-joint. Nothing else appears loose.


I called the dealer but the service manager did not know if was normal or not.


I am concerned that the play could easily allow for the shaft to be out of balance and stress the rear drive etc.


Am I being too concerned? Is this a "normal" situation?



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I have a converted CJ750 with a R100 engine, and when I got the rig, the universal joint had a wobble of about 10mm(!). When driving about 80km/h or faster, the rear drive seal wasn't 'fast' enough and some oil spilled out. Had replaced the joint and have about 1mm play right now.

I would get it fixed.

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