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Oh How I Miss my Russian Iron


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Hi everyone, been away for so long. I really do miss the old girl, and I also miss all the great discussions and tech advice and the overall camaraderie of the whole site. I was going through a divorce as well as a broken back and made the decision to sell. Life sucks sometimes... After the Tourist I bought a BMW k100 and rode the hell out of her, but feeling very average, after all we all know how our Russian ladies turn heads. I then decided to buy a new bike, at first I wanted an adventure bike like a GS or a Triumph Tiger. Then...I met a lady, and she wanted to ride with me, so I started looking more into cruisers and after test riding brand after brand, I bought a 2013 Victory Boardwalk. I thought to myself...no more pouring through the internet looking for a part, finally a bike that just has everything readily available. Well Victory scrapped the Boardwalk in 14' and as many of you probably know shut down the whole line earlier this year. Damn the luck...

Short story long is I think I will have another Ural someday, and I just wanted to tell everyone what a weird eclectic bunch you are...lol, and I fit right in and I miss this forum so very much.




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I feel your pain, Wyomingglen


I've been divorced for 45 years and still celebrating my freedom. Also, sold my 06 Ural Tourist in 2008 and regretted selling it almost immediately, suffering sellers remorse, etc. I now have a 2019 Ural Gear Up on order and should be here any day now. I'm suffering from the "Ural Fever"!

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Welcome back!

Urals are parasitic. They never leave you. You'll be back on three.

The new Urals are mature, but still Urals.

Your internal Ural clock is ticking...


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