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Final Drive Snafu


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Heres the situation ..

Today while changing the final drive fluid the tube attached to the bottle i was squeezing ..came off and went down the hole into the final drive

Do i open up the final drive and retrieve the tube..or drive it for a bit..drain the gear oil and look for the tube

Its not like its going to cause major carnage inside being plastic..or am i wrong ..

My nerves

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Oh ..im going to end up taking it apart

But need to find a flat head screwdriver socket because over the last 40 years someone replaced a stud with the same size flat head screw / bolt ..and its tight


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Yes i believe so ..

With a stud ..there would be issues with rear shock clearance

Wheel removed

Final drive disassembled

Tube retrieved..

Reassembled .clean drum and replace shoes tommorrow

Had planned on doing brakes..this forced the issue ..lol

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