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Your project is slowly coming into focus...



It is a picture made by accident, I want it to delete the picture but I realised it is a nice one.



Looks good Luca. Good one Russ.whay did you do to the exhaust Luca?


I have paiunted the exhaust with thermal paint:



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Very nice! :)

Where did you put the main switch?


For later models there is a mount especially for this main switch. I will put some pictures later, it works between frame and battery and is very handy when you need to disconect the battery because you have to work to the electrical sistem of the bike or for long term storage.

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I modified my exhaust at the ends.....cut approx. 1/4" off like baloney and then fitted 3 3/8" harley fishtails which fit perfectly to the inside diameter of the dnepr ballbat mufflers like ours. Sounds great not raspy or tinny. I dont think I lost too much lowerend torque as a result. But havent challenged another dnepr or seen one though.

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