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K65 needle and seats


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Has anyone ever tried to mod a carb body to accept a brass seat for the float needle? It seems to me this is the reason these carbs have float level issues. Just saying. Ive thought about polishing the needles seat in the casting but not sure how concentric I could get it.

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Its on here someplace...Looking




I found it... http://www.russianir...topic=14044&hl=

The older I get the less I remember...So IDK about 63/65/68 carbs taking the same float needle...

but, I will help ya look into it...


Jeeze That was quite some time ago!!! I was just Braggin to Safety Bob awhile ago. about how good that darn thing starts...Runs out good enough for what I need too....Hope I didn't Jinx MeeSelf!!!!

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^^ Can be Challenging to get the float level correct...be Persistent ... It pays Off!!!

BTW I find that a bit of "lube" in the gasoline keeps them from sticking!!!

Sometimes I just dump leftover Chainsaw [premix] gas into the Dnepr...sometimes I add Marvel Mystery oil...sometimes I forget completely...

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A can see that lubing the top engine .Should be good for the rings.

Or...Better yet, the Valve Guide. at least on the Intake...

My concerns are more for the Carburetor Internals, since the Gas here in the Great White North is Just about the Nastiest Crap foisted upon the Public in a Very long time..

Don't get me started on how much Energy gets Used to Make this Crapo Alcohol that ya can't Drink!!!!

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I second the lube in the fuel. Two shot glasses of Marvel in every tank of Ural or Nipper fuel. Has worked well for years so far..

The needles work great as well.


Kind of proud that nippers here are one kick runners. And that takes non-stop work on them.. I love it so..



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I have to admit it Bob...I don't do that constant work part...Prolly should..

One thing my Walboro needles have been is trouble free...

Yea..sometimes the floats run over...and sometimes I need to "tunk" em with my trusty screwdriver Handle to "straighten them up...But...yea, one kick and runnin ...bit of warm up.. and Off I go...Not always gently either...

Innertubes have been my biggest problem. But, I also am not too good at keeping my tire pressure in "spec" either...

COB to the Max!!! LOL



Edit to add...My $50, 3 year old AGM battery totally failed while in Baton Rouge at that Event...

Luckily, an Old Harley SuperGlide/Sportster Battery drops right in...and there is No Shortage of those around me!!!

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Well Im impressed. The walbros worked quite well. No more spillover from the weep hole. Thanks guys.Comparing the walbros with only my eyes. They appear to have a slightly larger ( wider) wedge on the viton tip than the kits for the carbs.

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