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americans on a russian border


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Well said Russ!

Peter: Ugh, even taking the time to respond to you fills me with darkness. Not good.......I'm so sorry this ever started. Sometimes a stand is called for.

We'd only have to scratch the surface of Australia and find many things to criticize. Both our countries have a history with it's indigenous peoples don't we?

This does not change my feelings about Australia. I have always admired and felt a great kinship for Australia. Yes, including it's gov't.

I think your statements about my country, me and our fellow members are gratuitously uncalled for and that you are a great example of a Troll. I also respect your right to vent your venomous spleen. So vent away, at this point you are beneath my contempt.

We can agree on one thing. We don't like each other. I have no problem with your gov't or your fellow Aussies. Only YOU.


As a member of the indigenous community (though not taking advantage of it) I can say both countries have problems, Australia works towards solutions and the US tries to exterminate indigenous peoples and refuses to recognise treaties. NEXT!


I don't dislike you, I don't even know you, but if you dislike me - "such is life".


If you'd like to read the expansionist and aggressive history of your country, I can give volumes of documentation.

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Ironic statement about US expansionism, considering Russia's present push into former territories, to expand their own.

I am not aware of any US desires to own former Soviet Union territories.

And I completely abhor the death and damage done to Russian people during the Soviet Union era.

Stallin and his government killed millions.

Any such deaths are wrong, by any measure.



So the US ambassador and Victoria Nuland did not organise a coup in the Ukraine? Go back to sleep!


Stalin killed millions - perhaps he did. At least it was in his own country! Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Libya, Syria, etc. Get the message. The "exceptional nation" is the world's greatest warmonger and terrorist!!!!!

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Surprised this thread has stayed so quiet. I find this pretty offensive as an American. I disagree with Peter's premise that America is some evil force colonizing the world etc blah blah. Good grief, take a pill.You Americans that agree with Peter are not a surprise sadly.

As the son of a WWII veteran I have not forgotten what a force for good America is. Australia was and has been our friend and ally. Remember? Food for thought if things ever go badly for your country Peter.

I already regret taking the bait on this. Just tired of the America bashing.


America as usual was a day late and a dollar short! As for the USA being a hypocritical and evil force colonising the world - just look at your history! What a force for good America is? What drugs are you on? The world's greatest terrorist nation! As for American bashing - you earn't it with over 70 years of terror crimes!!

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Your right Peter this is the place to vent your perspective. Keep in mind though that the others here have a perspective/ expierience that may be different for any various reasons. One person is not responsible for all the worlds problems.Or any one people group.Though some do stir it up more than others.Always three sides to any story.You know this.HiStory...Their story and the truth.Dont forget the big white sheet of paper with the tiny black dot in the center.Some are always drawing your attention to the black dot.And hoping youll not see the large sheet of white paper.A wise man (my father) would tell us."Your gonna screw up and make mistakes.....the trick is to keep them small".Rant on.Everyman has or wanted to at some time or another.But dont get personal it will only isolate you or perhaps make others view you as a pariah or something. We can take it.To any whoever thought I ve got personal with you.I apologize.Honestly never intended that.To Bilge Keel.....Im sure I got derogutory with.Really though I have zero animosity and do value your banter. A wise man will view this forums thread and look back on it and say. WOW!!!! Or something to that effect.Time should cause all of us to do a little introspection.I dont know what man acted first a Pilgrim or a Indian in a wrongful way towards the other.A Colonist or a Maori tribesman. But Im sure Selfisness was the motivation.

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Too much sugar your teeth rot.too much fat you get fat.too much sorrow you get depressed.too much anger you get.....well...angrier. It will hurt others.But mostly it will hurt you.We should all as individuals look at how we get manipulated with truths...half truths...and flat out lies.There seems to be a abundance of organizations and people that would do just that to get you to believe their pot of stew. Im pointing no fingers. But sure someone will take that way anyway.Spring is here in the Rockies and looking forward to the riding season.Miss the 365 days of riding in Florida.We will probably have at least 2 more bad snowstorms though.Usually get the last one on or around Mothers day.The thick heavy stuff.Keep a good 360 about you.

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Good ciders and wine are wonderful.

I have some Angry Orchards cider for Peter.



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