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Hello again, seems the old topic is gone MIA, no fault of mine or the adminsitrator of the site, there's gremlins or smtg. Also the topic I put up a few hours ago asking why it has disapeared, has disapeared.

So, I'll go ahead and put back some of the info that the previous topic had and hopefully this one will stay on.


About the 2 alternators that were available, one is already in the shipping process the other almost there. There will be more. Waiting for revues of the guys who ordered.


So, we're talkign about a Daewoo Tico 600 W car alternator put on a 424 front housing via a machined flange. It all works well on 10 bikes in Romania, one of them has covered a lot of miles since, bright light , a little smaller than the 424 and not looking way out of OEM.






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Hey autimies since Victor's out of pinnion gears for the moment the unit will cost 146 EU ($190 transformed with the Romanian exchange course) plus shipping which will be around 25 EU (will get back to you with the exact sum). It will be ready in about 2-3 weeks since the first 2 were sent overseas and already received and 2 more are on their way.

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Hey DneprCossack. Victor asked at the post office and Finland and Norway would cost about 32 Euros by regular mail -it's a 4kgs package. At the moment he doesn't have any finished unit, he has sold 4 over the board but right now things are slow 'cause of the winter and him having a few medical issues. I'll let you know when one is ready.

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