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    waiting for my new 2019 gear-up
  1. For what it’s worth here’s my experience with my 2019 Gear-Up. I had big hopes for the motorcycle it looked like you has potential. Well I still think it does have potential if the company to get its act together perhaps someday. But at this point here is my experience. After a few 100 miles the rear wheel develop a bad wobble 11 broken spokes took the bike to the local dealer and they replace the spokes and trued the wheel. The bike was under warranty so there was no problem. Perhaps another 1000 miles later the left intake develop a backfire and would blow off the rubber intake boot. T
  2. Hi Kides anyone out there know who is the boss of the imz ural north America office? I would guess that the place in Redmond, Wa. There are not big on commuting via email, phone are by writing. Any help?
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    Hi anyone out there have any pictures of the factory shop tools? found a video showning the cam shaft removal tool # 345-327-3 looking for more info. pic.and numbers of the shop tools from Jon in Ca.
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    Oh lobofuego " Whinger" is British English for a dick or also a whiner
  5. JonLilley


    Oh lobofuego " Whinger" is British English for a dick or also a whiner
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    Sorry must have post in the wrong stop oops
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    Oh lobofuego " Whinger" is British English for a dick or also a whiner
  8. Wow Nice work. But that guy has way too much time on hand
  9. Hi Kids. Have a tire question what is the different between the Duro tire and a Heidenau brand? Duro is about $70.00 and the Heidenau is about $130 bucks. Is the Heidenau all that much better? Thanks
  10. I’ll keep my fingers cross. Don’t mine working on the bike myself. It’s all that computer stuff. You need the computer and software to clear the fault codes. Boy I glad I have a 1963 jeep, no computer just a carb. and points
  11. Ok I know that I’m just venting. I just bought a new 2019, gear up last year. And have been to my dealer to work on a few thinks. Great dealer but now the big problem is that he is going out of business and there is no one around. There are two on Ural web site. “sounds good wright.” Wrong. One is 90 miles away and that’s one way, and the other is over 140 miles away one way. Also one of them no longer works on Urals. So having a warranty and no one to work on the bike has no value. I think that If MIZ would spend less on advertising and more on customer service they would have a better
  12. Hi does anyone know about this software and how does it work? and is it true and it will not work with out the dealer selling the hardware (bluetooth) ? any help IMWA still needs to start selling the Bluetooth interface to the public before you can connect to your bike. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ural-motorcycles-obd/id1457652319
  13. Howdy I was thing about getting the 2-into-1 GPR Exhaust System for Ural Motorcycles. Any ideas out there?
  14. Hi can you kick start a 2018 model? I'm having no luck starting my
  15. Oh for my new TOY 2019 Gear-Up
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