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  1. Does this saddle make my butt look big? I've got a 2000 RAM Dnepr, which since buying earlier this summer has been a wild hoot. However, there's one problem for longer rides: I'm 6'4", and the bike's bench seat is set too short for me to sit the front, and just a tad too far back to sit as if I were a passenger. So I sit pretty much on top of the hump. So I was thinking to myself, since I never will have a rear passenger, why not put a tractor seat on it. Sounds great, but the standard tractor seat doesn't sit any further back. Anyone have any ideas on how to offset the seat back a li
  2. You guys are awesome! I got it figured out, installed correctly, and timed at tdc, Without spreading the weights. It still stumbles at high rpm, so I'm going to advance it as per the P mark, now that I've got it in the ballpark. Thank you.
  3. So there I was, tuning up my recently-purchased bike... I took apart the distributor to figure out and then set the points gap, and then reassembled. As per procedures I think I found here, rotated the engine to the "P" mark and set up my static timing light. Light was already on before I spread the weights. Tried adjusting the plate within the confines of the slots, no luck. So I backed the flywheel up until the light went out. (See photo). I know it's a crude method to explain, but you can see how much movement has occurred until I reached the mark. So my questions are/is, am I just
  4. And there you have it, my first Russian bike, there with myself and son Dustan in it.
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