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  1. Did your bike come with that external oil filter or is it a kit? And yes those are nice carbs. Could've bought a pair of those a couple of months ago here , wish I had now. Supposed to be very dependable.

  2. Yes, maybe too lean in the cruise stage, too high of timing, too hot of plug { commonly overlooked these days},and unlikely but possible plugged muffler on that side{heavy carbon and oil deposits will accumulate and get a cylinder roasting}causing a blockage . Gotta love those rabbit trails to trackdown.And very old gas will actually burn much hotter than fresh but with less power.Has something to do with the flash point,,,,,Sorry I have forgotten the details.

  3. I understand that part Doc and Teg but I cannot figure out How to pay him. There is no link and I certainly did not see his pay pal account info in his e-mail of order confirmation. So again did you click on a link or log back on to you account? How did you transfer your funds to his account and at what point? Maybe I am missing something about paying with pay pal that I have been missing thus far, some feature? And having my own business for a number of years I understand him being busier than a one armed paper hanger.

  4. Hi All' Was wanting to know if anyone here has ordered parts from Oldtimer Garage in Poland? Here is my problem from my perspective. I attempted to place a order without reading the clause about allowing 24 hrs. to obtain shipping costs. Well as you might expect I was confused why the site would not allow me to choose a method of payment or even make a payment for that matter.Being your average ignorant person I attempted to do it all again,{thinking I missed something the first time}.No Luck! So I emailed the site, and what I got back was a sorta kinda chastisement about not reading carefully{ point taken }. So eventually I get a confirmation of order returned to me but still no way to pay. The method of payment bar was not active / highlighted/responsive. So I went back to the site thinking I must complete the order there, but the order is not active and there is nothing in the cart. Please step by step if anyone knows for sure how do you order from this site? I like the products and there are somethings there that are not to found on others sites. In the end I have given up for now. And sure that something has gotten lost in translation exception of my own frustration. Thanks

  5. I have found a very capable machinist here finally. Not sure why so many machinists want to steer clear of boring cylinders. I think that it probably requires them to actually use a micrometer or they will be buying a cylinder.??? Maybe?? Anyway this man is qualified, but I said that about the last fellow who bored my Audi 5000 TD .006" too large when worn out spec is .002". With no available larger pistons made at the time. Took me a year and a half to find another donor block.

  6. Hi All' Does anyone know of a good machinist in or near Colorado that is capable of cylinder boring and valve grind work on a Dnepr? I cant seem to find anyone here that is up to the challenge. And what is up with this spell check program here? I cant seem to write more than one word a minute without this program stopping the text. Only on this site..Very frustrating.

  7. Thanks a lot propwash. That worked great! No sweat,,, don't know why I didn't think of that sooner. Anybody know if the trans cases are magnesium alloy or straight up aluminum? I have a porous spot in the case and thought since I have the trans stripped I might as well have it tigged now. Welder told me he can't tig mag alloy. SOooo if it is, I'm okay with smearing a little JB weld in there. But would rather know for sure. Thanks again.

  8. Hi All! Looking like summer has finally gotten here in the rockies!! Still goin through this mt-11 that I bought earlier this year, and everything has been straight forward enough on repair/rebuild/renewing it. But there is one thing that's proving a little difficult, the rear drive hub bearing doesn't seem to want to move off its boss. I've warmed up the unit with a torch and tried tapping through the holes after I removed the swingarm studs and it still doesn't want to move. My only other thought is to put it in the press with a sortie of punches through the holes to push it off its boss. Was wanting to make this a solo bike and put highway gears in it, but if it means @#$&% it up I'd rather not. Any suggestion would be appreciated. And yes I've soaked it in penetrant. Thanks and keep a good 360 degrees.

  9. By the way, I am also considering selling off the sidecar after I have it stripped,powdercoated { black},service it, rewire it{ solder and heatshrink}. So if anyone is interested. Was going to retro it also.It is in fairshape but a non factory color.They would of course get the o.e.lamps with it.

  10. Really good to know about the deep and shallow headlamp buckets, wouldn't have thought that would be a issue. The spacing I thought I would just build it out with spacers,within reason of course.From the research that I have done on different pics on the internet it seems that those shallow ones are for cj,s with the speedo raked at a pronounced angle.Just how do I tell if the bucket assembly will hit the tree or not,,,???year, model??. And thanks for the tip of the relays, I was thinking the same thing. Low amperage controlling higher amperage. Just how often are you supposed to clean the centrifuge? Sorry to ask so many questions.

  11. Thanks a lot, I was wondering if the switch would hold up, and that answers that. You say the headlamp lens assembly is shallower to allow for the 12v switch? Is the headlamp trim ring fit on the old style bucket? And will I have to mod the bucket to fit the 12v switch. Also I saw where I believe it was ural zentral sells fork sliders with tabs for mount fenders lower, will these fit the nipper or are they only for urals? Save a lot of time gleening from others experience, rather than buyin and tryin. do appreciate your help.

  12. Hi all. New to the site and from reading others posts there is experience out here. Recently added a mt-11 to my closet and was looking to make it just a little more retro. Was wanting to know if the old k750 headlamp assembly with switch could handle the 12v load of the bike or should I get this universal switch that Oldtimers sell on line.? I also would like to know if it is possible to swap out a non external oil filter front cover for a plummed external filter front cover.? And does the old 6v ignition switch in the headlamp nacelle just switch the ignition or the headlamps also.? { Park an Running} . Thanks for any input that would save time.

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