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  1. Is that two per rod Mike or two total?. Because my bike was a virgin as far as anybody putting there pecker paws on it and it had four total spacers/bushings. Not saying that I remember there orientation but I always make it a habit on disassembly to keep bolts ,nuts,washers with there respective counterparts.and the bushings were all on they're respective rods.

  2. Intetesting that you should bring this subject up. I too had the same conumdrum (hope i spelled that wight). I lined the driveline up as straight as possible with centerline from rear diff to trans output.Seemed logical so as to minimize vibration.The spacers were just as perplexing. But thinking back i believe the front rod had two spacers on the outside of the frame to distance and line up the exhaust hanging brackets. Might be wrong but sure seems to fit right. Sure somebody smarter here could tell us both whether thats correct or not.The wonderful thing about beer is it makes the darndest decisions seem right at the time. Cheers!!!!!

  3. 😀 Does anybody who actually tows the line vote count? Everyone should have to watch the old animation movie of Animal Farm lest we forget . Enough said!!!!!!!! Cant wait to see the pigs get there comuppings.

  4. Went into the mountains to look at a old guzzi frame,and found two clamshell wheels and tires with nice chrome for 30 greenbacks a piece. Feeling very good.Even the tires are good though ill probably get larger.

  5. I too had exception with pins, seems they had a few nicks in them causing the plate to hang up. Would strongly suggest running a clean out tap down them prior to assembly. And when installing the screws (with a small drop of loctite)dont hit the hammer driver too hard. It definitely can move the position of the pin making the clutch loaded too tight in that area.Others may not use a hammer driver. I like to be sure they arent coming out.

  6. Phoenix craigslist ad , under motorcycle parts. 6 ural stainless and chrome mufflers for 100 greenbacks. 4 of which are threaded and 2 are slip ons. Hope that helps someone. Seems like a good deal if your from the great white land of snow and salt.

  7. Was it necessary to seat the brushes? Or were they relatively soft? As a kid I worked in a small electrical motor repair shop. We routinely turned armatures and would put them on a growler to see if there were any lugs that needed re soldering. When we would install new brushes if they were a hard material we would have to run the motor on the bench while we inserted a white abrasive stone against the commutator just in front of a brush to seat it to the correct circumference of the commutator. If they were soft they usually seated themselves rather quickly with little or no arcing. Was pretty enjoyable refreshing old units like those.Could see the difference in amperage draw very much so if they were seated compared to unseated.I would imagine the same would apply to amperage generating.

  8. Hello All. Almost feels like spring might be early this year here. [Fingers crossed]. I have been reassembling this nipper and had most of the frame components powder coated so there was a delay in getting the parts back. Cant remember the placement of the oring in the front forks reseal kits. The book shows it on top of the gland washer under the flange nut. But I saw a youtube video, and he placed it under the upper tube bushing. Not sure whats right. Tried the books layout first, but doesn't seem good to me. Any thoughts????

  9. Thanks Swede. Wasn't really sure how to interpet the whole chart. Thought they might be talking about quantity.Interesting though, that they haven't revised the tariffs for so long. Probably why the US economy is getting hurt in the world market so bad.

  10. Thanks Dave good to know so I don't have a gauge pegging the needle due to a wrong scale.. And yes I was going to run it off the light switch port with a tee and keeping the switch in the picture. Ordered a 0-100 psi liquid filled guage,,,,,hopefully comes soon. Thanks to all.

  11. Jeroen , Hope Im not confusing the issues for you. But since this is a 6v bike you will have to maintain charging voltage high enough so that the electrical systems threshold voltage isn't depleted{too low and the ignition circuit wont keep the points and coil operational} Or the bike could stall. I believe you have a generator not a magneto. What that means is if there is not high enough of a idle producing voltage through the generator then the ignition will be starved for voltage and stall.Not being there makes it hard to help adequetly. What is your charging voltage at the 1 Battery,2 Coil, 3 Ignition feed . Might help to have a known good battery to hook up as a reserve source.

  12. Thank you Klien. I may consider you for other bikes, But I have already completed the purchase in question. The size that I was most interested in was 4.10 x 19 universal tread,,,,,,NOT street tread. Which seems to be readily available over here in that size. Thanks Sol

  13. That is how I would do them back in the seventies. The old timers at that time that I worked with would bend the contacts also as Russ said if the point gap adjustment wasn't sufficient. Keep in mind those serviceable regulators are temperature sensitive. Any adjustment should be monitored for a while afterward with the lid back on and trim adjusted accordingly. It would be really nice if they could disable the spell check feature on this site....HINT<HINT.

  14. Not knowing your particular wiring diagram it would be prudent to disconnect any wire { keeping their respective orientation} that leads back to the battery directly or through a switch. As to your coils resistance spec. you would have to research that. If it is externally mounted{resembling an old auto coil} then take your meter to an auto parts store and measure a new one if you cant get a spec. But remembering what Russ said makes the most sense. Start with the simple easy things {connections, grounds, battery test ect.} We have and old saying over here,,,its an acronym for KISS. K eep I t S imple S tupid. That is not directed at you or anyone else on this or other sites. Sol

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