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  1. I got new kits that had the viton tips in them.But are the walbro any better than the rebuilds? And if so what PN# did you use ? Have rebuilt literally hundreds of carbs and cant quite get these perfect.
  2. Too much sugar your teeth rot.too much fat you get fat.too much sorrow you get depressed.too much anger you get.....well...angrier. It will hurt others.But mostly it will hurt you.We should all as individuals look at how we get manipulated with truths...half truths...and flat out lies.There seems to be a abundance of organizations and people that would do just that to get you to believe their pot of stew. Im pointing no fingers. But sure someone will take that way anyway.Spring is here in the Rockies and looking forward to the riding season.Miss the 365 days of riding in Florida.We will probab
  3. Your right Peter this is the place to vent your perspective. Keep in mind though that the others here have a perspective/ expierience that may be different for any various reasons. One person is not responsible for all the worlds problems.Or any one people group.Though some do stir it up more than others.Always three sides to any story.You know this.HiStory...Their story and the truth.Dont forget the big white sheet of paper with the tiny black dot in the center.Some are always drawing your attention to the black dot.And hoping youll not see the large sheet of white paper.A wise man (my father
  4. It was a nice diversion Mike! Thanks for alleviating the Ire.
  5. Has anyone ever tried to mod a carb body to accept a brass seat for the float needle? It seems to me this is the reason these carbs have float level issues. Just saying. Ive thought about polishing the needles seat in the casting but not sure how concentric I could get it.
  6. Making the frame "tweek" didnt set well for me either.
  7. Whole heartly agree Peter. Though I dont know what a Seppo is.Most that tow the line would rather we look to ourselves and let others to themselves.
  8. Nice set of wixom ranger bags and trunk for sale. Latches and hinges could use buffing or chroming. Otherwise good condition. 250.00 for all o.b.o. Sol
  9. Not sure if epoxy paint would hold up in long run to standard Gl 5 gear lube or any non synthetic gear lube. Given the amount of sulphur in it.The test of time would be intetesting.It does eventually soften and lift on a garage shop floor if in continuos contact.
  10. Yes. Though it was considered a challenge by the welder that heli arc it. Because of the thickness of the wall and causing a collateral problem with the bore that the shift shaft travelled through.
  11. Seeing as how you said the unit is leaking. If you decide to repair it. Dont assume its leaking from a seal. Mine turned out to have a spot of porosity near the shift shaft boss.
  12. Easiest way off hand is to usr a open end wrench ovet the threads to determine the girth of the threads. Metric bike so metric wrench as measuring tool. Dont think much of the rubbet integral washers. A aluminum or copper would be safer bet. Fiber washers are a close second.
  13. Does it feel like it actually latches in ( detents index ) or the shifter just doesnt move anymore?? Could be the selector plate has cracked or the shift fork has an issue. Either way disassembly will probably be necessary. Not as hard as it seems.
  14. Dont know anything about 45 degree grooves but was quite the common practice of arcing (grinding) shoes to match the circumference of the drums diameter when I first started in the business in the 80s. Very messy and dusty. Wouldnt advise it if you dont want to be a statistic.😃
  15. Hey Odin. The idle circuit bypasses the throttle plate or slide with a alternate venturi to syphon just enough fuel to run at idle that it mixes with atomospheric air. Perhaps that is a adjustment to restrict or increase the available air to the idle circuit for altitude? What kind of carbs are they?
  16. Macon Georgia Cl 1300.00 greenbacks. Should be that much in parts alone.Worth investigating.
  17. Ok Dave. We obviously disagree. Its a sad day when grown men and women will not exercise integrity tenacity and a hard work to overcome their adversities.Instead of running for the goverment tit to put in their mouth. Your not going to convince me and I obviously havent you.Time will tell.Ive admitted I am wrong before.......we'll see if I have to again. Nobody can blame Bush anymore.And Nixon is dead.HaHa
  18. FYI The average american tax burden. Which is described as being only federal and payroll taxes is 31+ %. This speaks of no sales taxes or any of the taxes of which I mentioned in the previous post.
  19. Dont play semantics and get off point. Theres higher property ,sales,titleing fees,state income,indepentant employment taxes,construction licenseing,hell any kind of licenseing.We had taxes in Florida for my business( tangibles) they called it. That they would tax me on everything in my shop every year regardless if I had owned for the last twenty years.even if I owned it before I started my business.And lets not forget about both sides trying their darndest to get their greedy hands on inheritances.I got taxed for the sidewalk that I installed up to my door! So there is a lot more than just i
  20. If this gets me kicked off the forum then so be it. I think you probably have never had a blue collar job Dave. Your most likely are in the top tier of income status. May even be living off off your wife or mummy and daddys money. If you think taxes are lower than they ever have been.......STOP smoking the dope and quit drinking the coolaid.Who and Ill ask again WHO!!!!! BELIEVES that crap? If the average anybody has 5 extra dollars in his pocket there is a Beauracrat whatever devising a way to take 4.75$ of it away for his or hers or their special interest. Quit watching the CNN Communist New
  21. So it would seem apparent though most of them have a right side shift some assemblers did it otherwise.
  22. I second that from iural. Just got two tires from him and was quite pleased. Not making excuses for him but keep in mind that in/with any business there lies the errant employee fffing things up for the employer at times. The fellow i sold my business to in another state had a employee selling cars on the side from the shop. This employee was turning back speedos and brought it all down on my friends head from the law. Known my friend I sold the business to a long time. Not something he would do.
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