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  1. Got a oil filled chang coil I am wanting to mount on the engine support stay. Was going to get a universal one bolt hold bracket for a coil. But now Im wondering about vibration cracking the bracket.Any thoughts? Apparatus? Thanks all.

  2. Hello all. Anybody have a 5 rib valve cover they want to sell? Preferably one that isnt cracked........on the sealing surface. Thanks. Wow....this is beautiful weather out here lately. Keep a good 360. Saw a young rider bite it today on a rice rocket. Will be surprised if he lives. Ride safe.

  3. Well Im impressed. The walbros worked quite well. No more spillover from the weep hole. Thanks guys.Comparing the walbros with only my eyes. They appear to have a slightly larger ( wider) wedge on the viton tip than the kits for the carbs.

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