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  1. Does make sense to address the issue before driving anymore. Could be dangerous.
  2. It might help you to try and source the parts yourself. Maybe they have a small inventory and are ordering right from the factory. Time issue would be obvious at that point.
  3. Is that a oilfilled coil racepres? Hard to tell from what I can see. And you do make a good point. My harley back when would shake fillings out of your teeth at idle.Still think Id rather isolate it for a go.
  4. Actually think Im gonna mount it on one of the back tank bolts . Sandwiched between rubber. Experimenting.
  5. Need just one distributor cap wire retaining threaded ferrel. Dont really want to buy a whole cap.
  6. Is the oil slinger that your mentioning. The centrifuge separator? And is it not external of the crank like a 650 Dnepr? And if so . Why replace the bearings? Or is that being a little obsessive? Just asking because I have to catch myself sometimes. Always trying to somehow make it BETTER (= stupid money) on something Ill never relize that money back if sold.
  7. Quickest way to check if they are sealing is fill them with tranny fluid. If it leaks so fast as to steady drip . Lap'em in.
  8. Top to Bottom, Front to Back , Unless you only Want a Rat! HoHoHo!!!
  9. Thanks Bural. But already got what I needed. Again .....thanks.
  10. Was thinking of that.But figured Id see if anyone has had negative results. Will probably go that route. Thanks.
  11. Got a oil filled chang coil I am wanting to mount on the engine support stay. Was going to get a universal one bolt hold bracket for a coil. But now Im wondering about vibration cracking the bracket.Any thoughts? Apparatus? Thanks all.
  12. I do miss those hot humid days and short winters of courseā˜ŗhehehe.
  13. Hello all. Anybody have a 5 rib valve cover they want to sell? Preferably one that isnt cracked........on the sealing surface. Thanks. Wow....this is beautiful weather out here lately. Keep a good 360. Saw a young rider bite it today on a rice rocket. Will be surprised if he lives. Ride safe.
  14. Pretty sure thats how they are all made. Only one with a countersunk flathead. I used a impact driver to remove and install that one.
  15. When in doubt....Get it out.Fish it out with a pair of long skinny tweezers. Mechanics fingers. Or needle nose pliers for micro work.But probably not good to leave it in.
  16. Well we got hopefully are last snow. 3 feet in the foothills in areas. Not much collected at lower elevations.Still though....MAY?????
  17. Dont think they were given a lot of incentives or "perks" to make it look pretty at the time. Just saying.
  18. Well Im impressed. The walbros worked quite well. No more spillover from the weep hole. Thanks guys.Comparing the walbros with only my eyes. They appear to have a slightly larger ( wider) wedge on the viton tip than the kits for the carbs.
  19. Perhaps the engine has excessive blow by the rings. And last owner didnt want it filling the filter area with oil vapor.Can get messy for the carbs.
  20. A can see that lubing the top engine .Should be good for the rings.
  21. Cool.. Thanks Bri and Racepres.Gonna give the Walbros a whirl.
  22. I like the taste of the dry but later the heartburn gets me.
  23. Cant do the dry. Slightly sweet for me.Does work.
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