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  1. Hi everyone, been away for so long. I really do miss the old girl, and I also miss all the great discussions and tech advice and the overall camaraderie of the whole site. I was going through a divorce as well as a broken back and made the decision to sell. Life sucks sometimes... After the Tourist I bought a BMW k100 and rode the hell out of her, but feeling very average, after all we all know how our Russian ladies turn heads. I then decided to buy a new bike, at first I wanted an adventure bike like a GS or a Triumph Tiger. Then...I met a lady, and she wanted to ride with me, so I started looking more into cruisers and after test riding brand after brand, I bought a 2013 Victory Boardwalk. I thought to myself...no more pouring through the internet looking for a part, finally a bike that just has everything readily available. Well Victory scrapped the Boardwalk in 14' and as many of you probably know shut down the whole line earlier this year. Damn the luck... Short story long is I think I will have another Ural someday, and I just wanted to tell everyone what a weird eclectic bunch you are...lol, and I fit right in and I miss this forum so very much.
  2. I have my 94 tourist up for sale. price to be determined, not sure what she's worth. If I can get some interest in parting her out. Has a few minor dents and dings, and the usual russian flake paint. I will get some pics of her up, i have some in the gallery and previous posts. thanks
  3. Let's see the download from his helmet....tee-hee
  4. yeah this would be interesting to know, a relatively cheap conversion
  5. I have been fighting a similar battle, thinking my problem lay with the ignition or carbs. My neighbor a long time Harley guy asked if maybe the head gaskets were leaking. Because of my limited knowledge I was not to sure about tearing into the heads. I talked myself into it assuring myself again that I could do it. I went through the procedure on myural.com and pulled off the right head, and sure enough the gasket was trashed. I am not even close enough of a competent mechanic to diagnose your problems, but maybe my problems can help you out. Good Luck and hope your back up and running soon, and by the way, with the knowledge of friends and the members here on Russian Iron I am feeling that I can fix just about anything that comes up. :thumbsup!:
  6. How bout F2 across the pond, least can speaka da laguage :0
  7. Wow who knew a hack was worth so much :thumbsup!: Makes me proud to know I got the whole rig for just over that amount.
  8. Wow beautiful Deco. share with me the brand of those nifty whitewalls on her
  9. Mounted mine on the crossbar, the horn is now homeless though. It was very tight drilling the holes, and I made a spacer to drop it down a bit, but I think it looks really good, and tucks in almost invisible once the tanks on.
  10. I am at the moment running K-68's, haven't had them on too long and haven't really ran them. I also have the mikuni vm-28's. I will probably put in some ports on the pekars, but with the compliance fitting on the mikuni's don't think it lends itself to that mod.
  11. Thanks so much for the feedback, what I gather is that it would work , but there is better ways. I just thought that pulling off my intake tubes and putting the anemometer up to the carbs would be really fast, I do not know how accurate that would be. Is there a recommended RPM range that is best for balancing? I have actually built a balancing gauge using the clear tubing, tranny fluid, and a yardstick, but I need to put in the ports to connect them to the carbs. Thanks again for all the fine feedback, keep it coming and some of it might even be absorbed into my thick skull lol. WyoGlen GO SAINTS!!!!!!!! :unsure2:
  12. Has anyone used a anemometer to balance their carbs? Is there drawbacks to using one? I saw one while picking up an order for work at a Grainger and thought that might work, but I wanted to ask someone on the board who knows about this. Thanks, Wyoglen
  13. I don't know what it is but I love those diesel bikes. I own a duramax diesel so maybe its from seeing just how much performance you can get from a diesel for pretty cheap. Maybe thinking that rigs like ours are made for rough and tumble the diesel seems more of a fit.
  14. I followed Diesel Dave's links and found a pic of the diesel ural, enjoy.
  15. Is this Bike out of Alaska? In this months issue of The Horse mag. in the readers rides section a guy from Alaska had a pic of his with the same type Engine, but the color was different. I think my 94' tourist came from the same guy up there FYI. Great Bike, in the write up he claims 125mi per gallon, that darn near justifies the price of the conversion.
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