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  1. I realy don't know, did not have an original harness and I did my own wiring. Some new parts, I hope these are the last of them, rear spring support: New bushes for the rear suspension axles: Rear suspension covers:
  2. As a profession I am a mechanic but I do it as a hobby in my spare time.
  3. A small progress but important, adapting the M72 brake plate model for the Dnepr brake drum:
  4. I have posted here three rebuilts for M72, M63 and Dnepr 650. You can find enough infos on those topics, telescopic fork can be repaired by rectifying the pipes and making new bushes.
  5. This is a K750 produced by KMZ in Kiev Ukraine, not an M72 produced by IMZ factory from Irbit in Russia. The only part you have from M72 is the gearbox. So, you have a K750 with M72 title but the price is ok for the bike if the engine is running.
  6. Probably the kit (cables, gasket, etc) is made in Russia and that is why you find only the carbs on AliExpress.
  7. The second wheel: And the result that I have expected:
  8. This is how a new old stock brake hub looks:
  9. The drums are new, that is one of the reasons that I using them.
  10. I don't believe there is a difference, I never heard about a difference on Dnepr 650 cranks if we except the crank for the engine with external oil filter which I believe are made after 1990.
  11. One wheel at a time, like I said before I will use Dnepr wheels with 3.5 x19 tyres for this bike for my subjectiv reasons.
  12. He said to buy both engines because every version have their advantages or disadvantages.
  13. You have a K750 whit short frame that is matching the rear two piece fender and M72 style foot brake lever. It looks like a bike made from parts, the gearbox is the right one but it does not have reverse gear, only Dnepr gearbox had reverse gear. The exhaust is not for K750, it has Dnepr pipes and muffler from other brand. Take care for the rear shocks, they are hard to find and you have the original K750 shocks. Put some more pics, this way we can tell if parts are not correct.
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