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  1. I have noted that same problem as well. However, that being said, not all dealerships are bad. I found one in Nebraska that gets the job done, communicates exactly what is wrong with the bike in question, and while it may be expensive, they do not take forever.
  2. Glad you are back up and running. I know how that goes. I broke a piston ring last year and just got it fixed. I rode from Lincoln, NE to Alexandria, SD last Thursday and from Alexandria to Chamberlain, SD and back on Saturday. Yesterday I took my bride for a ride of about an hour and a half. Life is good after all.
  3. I found a piece on YouTube by Gobium. I used his information to replace the old shift lever and it worked like a champ. All done now.
  4. Hey comrades, I'm back. I want to upgrade my reverse shift on my 2015 GU from the hand shift to a heel/toe shift as I cannot at this time afford a tank shifter. Does anyone have any information I might want to have before I go about this or is this fairly straight forward, remove the old and replace? Thanks.
  5. I wish my Urals would be that trouble free. I've had two now and both of them have gone south on me.
  6. I took the jack out of my old Ranger and use it to bring it up high enough to bring the center stand down. Otherwise you run the risk of burning your hand trying any other way.
  7. Do you have a link to these manuals? I don't know about saving them but I have a son who is genius with a computer and maybe he can figure something out for us.
  8. Jon, I can tell you that you will not go wrong if you talk to Terry at Crawford Sales. I have done business with him and he is as honest as the day is long. He and his staff are good people to deal with. Ted
  9. Yes. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.
  10. I've got my bike back up and running. The throttle bodies both in synch and the idle set properly. I seemed to have lost that annoying back firing all the time as well. Life is good.
  11. Yesterday just for kicks and giggles, I decided to check the spark on both cylinders. Both bright and hot. I also noticed that when I actually run the bike, the right jug shows blue smoke and smells of raw gas. I know if the spark is good, ignition is not the issue. I am now beginning to think this is an ECU problem on the right side. Your thoughts and opinions are truly appreciated.
  12. What seal where? You are right about EFI being witchcraft. I am almost tempted to go and trade off for a 2013. At least I understand the principles of carburetors.
  13. 1. What EFI map are you running? 2. Do you have the ability and equipment to balance your throttle bodies at idle correctly? Warm idle speed should be set to 1050rpm. I don't know what EFI map I am running nor do I have either the equipment or the ability at this point to balance the throttle bodies out. Can a guy purchase that sort of stuff on a tight budget? Thanks.
  14. My bike is a 2015 with EFI. Carburetors can definitely ruled out and the valves were within specs. I also drained the tank and pulled the screen. It had a lot of rust and one dead bug choking it off. Cleaned it and still no joy. I wish this was something as simple as carburetors.
  15. I replaced the head gasket and the leak has stopped. However, I still have the back fire problem and the fact that my engine does not want to idle at all. I'm thinking at this point the problem there is either a dirty screen in the fuel tank, a dirt fuel filter, or quite possibly a dirty air filter. It might also be the throttle cable needs to be adjusted. Your thoughts on this?
  16. My 2015 GU is blowing oil from the bottom of the outboard jug. I'm thinking perhaps either the nuts holding the head on are slightly loose or I have a blown head gasket. What are your opinions on this?
  17. Update: Purchased one from Gene in Fl. A very good man to do business with. Both him and Terry Crawford will be recommended by me. Always.
  18. May I ask what happened to the original one? The rotor warped.
  19. Does anyone else have problems with customer service when dealing with warranty issues? It seems every time I have to take my bike into the shop for warranty issues, it ends up being a month or two in the shop. Unfortunately for me, this is a trip that is over 500 km one way. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  20. I am looking for a rear brake rotor for my 2015 Gear Up.
  21. I'm glad I could help. Now I have to get around to getting one.
  22. I am certain this is good advice and it is what I think I shall follow.
  23. I've been wondering about that. Thanks for the information.
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