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  1. Hi, Trinidad you could contact Vostok motors and ask him. this is not a recommendation or anything, I just know he is based in the UK and Ukraine and he might have some tips. Good luck jim
  2. Hi, fellas Although my Dnepr is running very well with delorto carb copies, I now have to mount K302 carbs or it will not pass inspection. I have an old set of K302's but i need the tubes that go between the carbs and the air filter of an MT10/36 i.e. Where the air filter is part of the gearbox. If anyone has a set they want to sell with the rubbers required please let me know. Thanks Ride safe Jim
  3. Hi, fellas Was just noticing that today is Ken Ulrich's 87th birthday. I see that he has not been online for a while and was wondering if anyone knows how he is. Ride safe Jim
  4. Aye, thanks, Dowey I'm not givin up yet, bike is runnin lovely, I'm determined to beat the system. All the best mucker
  5. Thanks, Propwash Yes, I took the alternator drive gear off, it made a big difference but still too loud. I really shouldn't be surprised as even BMW struggled to comply with 1980 noise level requirements on the air-cooled boxers. Ride safe
  6. Thanks, fellas yeah, Luca, I thought maybe you or Bear could find something.
  7. Hi, guys just a quick update. I have tried everything that I can think of. Got the bike running as quiet as I can and covered everything in soundproof foam including home made side panels and sidecar. Cork blocks between cylinder head fins and teflon washers on the rockers, retarded timing. Had a test run yesterday and measured sound level at 84dB, so I`m not going to take it for testing again. The bike is pretty quiet up til the revs get to about 3500 RPM then the noise level rises above 80dB and they test it at 4200 RPM, I don`t think I have a chance. The next step is to change the id
  8. Hi, jonny Dneprlover does not post on this forum anymore, I think you will find him on soviet steeds Ride safe Jim
  9. Hi, craft dude Just a couple of ideas, Have a look at your idle jet, see what size it is and try a smaller one. Try running with no air filter and see what it goes like. Try a hotter plug. Have a look at your enrichener circuit and make sure the bike isn't being made too rich all the time.( i.e. leaking or missing o-rings or just stuck 'on') And make sure your floats are floating! Just a couple of things I would look at. Ride safe Jim
  10. Hi, CD A manual for your bike is available from russianmotorcyclemanuals.co.uk They have one for the K750. I have no connection to the company but bought one for my Dnepr and find it very useful. Hope this helps. Ride safe Jim
  11. Feck sake Dowey Why d'ya not say that in the first place, ya could've saved me a few quid.
  12. I know it's not mega-high revs, Propwash, it's just that I haven't really run the motor in as I haven't been able to drive on the road, but I'm not that worried about running it at that speed for a short time. Russ, the thing is, while the MT is 1960's technology, the bike was first registered in1980, and as such, must fullfil the requirements for a 1980 bike which is 80dB at 50kph in 2nd gear. While this seems unreasonable, I was told by 4 separate motorcycle importers (one of which imports Dneprs) that it would be impossible to register a 1980 MT10/36 in Switzerland so I think the vehi
  13. Yeah, I think it's about 12kph to change into 2nd. When the guy told me what he was going to do, I explained that it had new pistons and rings and this 50 in 2nd was too fast for this motor, he just said if I was worried about the test, I could call it off, of course, they wouldn't be giving me my money back. The other thing is, if the bike doesn't pass this noise test, it doesn't matter if the motor blows up, I won't be allowed to use it on the road anyway, rock and hard place!
  14. Yeah, Racepres I'm hoping the sidepanels might soak up some of the induction noise, aswell as noise from the gearbox, being ridden at 50kph in second gear.
  15. Yeah, Racepres, BMW did that on post 1980? Airheads to cut down on resonance, my 1985 R80 has them, and I still didn't think of it!
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