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The Red Riders Resource - 2015 Edition

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Posted 06 April 2015 - 07:59 PM

Howdy All,

Time to finally get out another edition of the Red Riders Resource. If anyone out there would like to be included, please submit no later than 15 April so I'll have time to get everything completed by release date.

Don't know what the Red Riders Resource is?  Then read on. . .

Q: What is the Red Riders Resource (RRR)?

A: The Red Riders Resource is a simple anonymous list of Ural, Dnepr, and Chang Jiang riders who offer up their services to their fellow RRR members.  The basic idea is quid pro quo.  You offer your services and in turn you get to ask other RRR members for their services.

Q: What are these services?

A: The services offered are decided by each member.  Basically, the RRR is meant to be an emergency contact list for riders who are on a trip and encounter some difficulty.  Members might decide to offer up (See details below) a spare room; a garage; tools; road-side assistance; local riding information; etc.

Q: I don't want my name and contact information floating around cyberspace.  How is that prevented?

A: The RRR will not be published anywhere on the internet.  Each member that joins will be emailed a copy of the Resource.  The only way the information can "get out" is if a member gives it away.  That of course, is highly discouraged.  The list is meant to be available only to those folks who care enough to offer their services to others.  To prevent "moochers", each member has to decide not to share the information to non-members.  It's the most basic form of a self-help group.  Of course, anyone is encouraged to offer his or her personal help to anyone else outside of the context of the Resource.  I for one am always willing to help other riders regardless if they contact me through other means.

Q: How "anonymous" is it?

A: As anonymous as you want it to be.  Anyone who chooses to can give their name, address, etc. if they like.  To manage the Resource, I need to have a unique email address for each member.  I don't even need to know your name.  Some folks might want to create a seperate email address just for the Resource.  The Resource will contain the email address you submit and a telephone number that Resource members can call for help from you (If you are worried about your phone number being "out there", check out Google Voice.  It's free and gives you a new, unique phone number that will ring whichever of your phones you want it to).  Lastly, you will identify the nearest large town/city near you, and an estimated distance (straight-line) from that town/city to your location.

Q: How do I join the Red Riders Resource?

A: This year I think I've made things easier.  I've created an online form that is quick and simple to fill out.  Go to this link: Red Riders Resource Membership Form.  Anyone who has trouble with the online form can still join the old-fashioned way by sending an email to RedRidersResource @ ColoradoPeaks.net.  Put the phrase "RRR JOIN" in the subject line.  Please, ONLY the phrase "RRR JOIN" so that I can easily distinguish legitimate emails from SPAM.  Please follow the format of the example below when submitting as it makes it much easier to process multiple emails.  Provide the following information in the body of the message:

01 - State in which you live
02 - Nearest city (or town, etc).  Please include the estimated straight-line distance and direction from your home to the stated city.  If you live in an out-of-the-way place, it might be helpful to also list the nearest larger town that is likely to be easily found on a map.
03 - Your email address for fellow Resource members to contact you.
04 - A contact telephone number for fellow Resource members to contact you.
05 - Using the two-letter codes listed below include the services you want to offer.
06 - If you'd like to offer something not codified, enter it on the last line.  Please be very brief.

GA - Garage space - Or other covered space where one can perform repairs or maintenance.
IN - Information - I can offer you information about where to ride and what attractions to see if you are in my area.
RA - Roadside Assistance - Each member will decide for him or herself how far they are willing to travel to provide assistance.  The distance is annotated next to the two letter code. e.g: RA100 means I am willing to drive 100 miles round trip to assist you.
SR - Spare Room - I can offer you a spare room.  Details to be determined by the two Resource members involved.
TO - Tools
TR - Trailer - I have a trailer and I am willing to come pick up you and/or your stranded bike.  Details to be determined by the two Resource members involved.
TS - Tent Space - I can offer you a place to pitch your tent.  Details to be determined by the two Resource members involved.

Here is a sample listing (My own, in fact)

Black Hawk - 9 miles south; Denver - 25 miles east
Excellent dual sport riding in my area.  Lots of free camping opportunities.

Q: How often will the Resource be updated and how do I get access to it?

A:  Originally, I planned to make a monthly announcement about the Resource to solicit new members and update the Resource accordingly.  I realize now that was too ambitious.  I've settled on once annually by default of procrastination.

Q:  The Resource has turned out to be a pain in the butt.  How do I get off the list?

A:  If you want to be deleted from the list, send an email to RedRidersResource @ ColoradoPeaks.net and put only the phrase "RRR REMOVE" in the subject line.  You should send this email using the email address that you used to join the Resource.  I will delete your listing in the Resource at the next update.  You don't need to put an explanation in the body of the message, but any feedback would be helpful.

Q:  I've got other questions about the Resource, where do I ask them?

Any other questions about the list can also be addressed to RedRidersResource @ ColoradoPeaks.net.  Please place the phrase "RRR QUESTION" at the beginning of the subject line.


Dan K.

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