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Back to the drawing board?


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I don't know how much weight I had in and on the back of our Tourist, but when my wife and I went camping last year we were loaded fairly heavily. We had a tent, cooking gear, bedding, a full cooler, extra tools, tarps, clothing and more junk. I know the Tourist has a different load triangle than the 2WD, but when I went around uphill left turns on wet roads, the front wheel slid rather easily. You can ride it but be careful.


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This is what I had ming for fuel storage. You could probably stow it in the nose of the hack and plumb it right to the carbs.


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Guys, first of all, a big thank you for all the suggestions.


Although I've said these words to myself a dozen times these last few days, I think I actually have the solution.


Part of the problem was me (no surprises there, then!) I had designed in my mind a pannier system for extra fuel. Panniers go on bikes, I'm a mainly solo type of guy etc. But it took the tourtank auxillary set-up to mix things up. I have the jerry can, I have the carrier, but its not written in stone that they have to be fitted to the bike. Indeed all the bits that made fitting it hard were indeed on the bike.


So, as with the tour tank, I'm going to forge ahead and fit one of my carriers to the side wall of the boot, alongside the pillion. The jerry can will be horizontal, but I will arrange it so that the filler is on the top edge. The closed end of the carrier will be toward the rear of the bike, flush with the back, more or less, and the open end pointing toward the front. This means to remove the jerry can you'd have to pull it forward out of the carrier and then up over the bike/chair depending on your position. Won't be very comfortable, but I don't expect to do it every day on this trip of ours.


Additional bonuses are that it should be fairly discreet thus not making the bike pig-ugly from the side, it carries more than the 7 gallon tourtank, and it should carry some of that lower than the Tour tank. Some, although not all, of the weight should be inside the triangle, which beats putting it up on the rack.


I am resigned to not being realistically able to carry all 69 litres that I have cans for, but this measn I can at least carry an extra 25 over the 19 in the tank. I should have a worst case tank range of about 300 miles if running at 30mpg. Another 25 would be great, but there really is nowhere else to put it, and stay practical/safe.


I will fit it at one bolt point this weekend just to see if it works, beofre filling it and the sidecar with holes. Once done, I can sandblast and powder coat and it will be fully inaugurated! I hope this to be the case in about 4 weeks (£$€£$€£$€!!).


Pictures will follow!

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This may be a long shot, but does anyone make a larger capacity gas tank for Urals? That used to be a cottage industry for Beemers, before they went to plastic bodywork in the mid-90s. I would think that would be the most straightforward way to carry more gas. Depending on how much you're willing to spend, maybe you can get one made up before your trip.

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I remember seeing a post with vintage photos of Soviet troops with a trailer behind the bike... If its built properly then it would do fine and give you that piece of mind your looking for.

It was a small flat-bed trailer with leaf springs. Looked purpose built to handle the rigors of wartime travel.




Have you considered a small trailer? If you move as much weight as possible from the rig to the trailer, your suspension will thank you when dealing with rough roads :rolleyes: . Also negates "weight outside the triangle" issues as well.





Thanks for the suggestion but, to be honest, it doesn't really float my boat. :thumbsup!:

You're right in that it ticks a lot of boxes, but I'm not too taken with trailers.


Also, I know from past trips that travelling light is possible, it just so happens that this fuel issue is a potential problem if we miscalculate on the road, and its a bit of a puzzle, that I intend to solve!! On a more practical note, I'm not sure how a trailer would cope with Siberian terrain.


Despite the cost, so far the tour tank idea does seems tidy and would keep things in the triangle, albeit only just!

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