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They looked like they were about 1000cc. They were water cooled. All of the water pumps were literally burnt out, with holes in 'em. They were built backwards. If you installed it in a bike frame, the intake side would be forward (in the wind) and the exhaust would've been on the back side. But, hey, if it's water cooled, who cares...



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The Japanese fielded three-wheelers in WW2 that looked like Harley Servi-cars. I can't find a pic now, but I wonder if that is what these frames are from. Where were these photos taken? are these the remains of bikes captured from the Japanese at the end of WW2?

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Frames photo was taken week ago near my friend house in petersburg.

double rear frame was factory made for higher ground clearance.

i don't know where these bike were captured: post war or pre war (Lake Hasan and Halhingol mountain armed conflict)


I had Rikuo 2WD in 90es.(presently in finland, rikumotor.fi)




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