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Flathead Forever

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The woodland camo one is a rattlecan paint job I copied from Army trucks. The Iraqi M-72 project is going to be a rattlecan desert camo in the style of the Army uniform. My wife has taken over painting it because...


The yellow one, as of today, got an Ural 650 OHV/Dneprmatic gearbox transplant while Ken overhauls the flathead. Haven't gotten the OHV fired up yet, but hopefully soon.


So, my garage is a pretty busy place right now.

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I have a '68 Servi-car that I got from the Baltimore Police Dept. that I am restoring. It has the fiberglass box. I should have it finished by late summer. It has the 45ci engine and a 4 speed tank shifter with reverse. I's similar to the one in this photo. I am a retired police office and have restored a '68 Chevy, 396/325

police car. My next project is a '57 HD with a side car van used for hauling disabled motorcycles. Very rare.


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This ia a "parts bike". It' titled 1946 but the motor, tranny, and tanks are 1962. Sometime we make do with what we find!!! At any rate, it's one of the most dependable machines I've ever owned. And, certainly, one of my favorite.

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I tried looking at the website you posted, but got a mainpage that was in Russian and that lost me. so thanks for posting those pictures. I've seen other pictures from Cuba, and not having a good supply of new vehicles, they keep the ones they've got running. Some really cool cars too. Oh by the way I talked to a friend that has the same WLA he bought when he got out of the Navy in 1946, he siad all WLA's had the spacer for a reverse gear. If you can find a gear and shifter gate you in bussiness.

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