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Bills Old Bike Barn visit


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Paul, well there you go, who said that straw is for horses only? :) I guess back in those days the traffic and accidents wasn't much of an issue.

I really can't wait to take my boy for a ride. I will have to bring this issue up to the council (wife) and get a positive decision. :laugh:


I've GOT to endorse it as one of the best things ever! My son started riding at 3 yrs 9 mo. (last may 06 or so) and loves it! We've had some great adventures on the rig, with and without Mom. I got a dedicated car seat and mounted it up for him to sit in, removes easily if he's not there, and this year got him used to using the moldable silicone ear plugs. When he's bigger, I'll try him without the seat, but for now it's good. In cold weather, I can hook up an electric blanket and he's toasty warm. Good times!! :wacko: Chris

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A neat ride report ! :beer!:


Bummer about the lack of tools , on my old BMW R75/5 I carry a comprehensive toolkit I assemebled out of BMW favctory tools and a few better small ones for roadside Bing carby fun (NO ONE gets more dirty fuel than I do) but on my Ural I only carry some bits of fuel hose and spare filters , maybe a screwdriver to take the carbys apart , so far , so good .


If anyone I rode with didn't care to at least ask if I was O.K. after a fuel leak , I'd no longer be riding with same ~ that could be dangerous .

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I don't know, group riding to me is all about being together and that incident showed none of it. People just didn't care, got on their bikes and were taking off even though their fellow rider was working on his bike... Just strange to me...


I can't wait to get my son on the bike. I am sure he will love it!


And i certainly don't mind if anyone shares the photos that i took. The more the marrier, that's why i took them - for people to see it! :) :thumbsup!:

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