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I buggered it!


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You might have had LESS damage without the bumper. The nose would crumple up more easily without as much frame loading I'm thinkin.



Interesting that you mention that, as I came across the attached photo and found the placement of the bumper very interesting. Not sure just how it would work in a real crash, but it is an interesting location for a bumper.


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Wow, sounds like it could be much worse - good thing it's only a broken leg. Wish you a fast recovery!

Were you wearing any type of protective clothing? Helmet? I wonder if that played any role in easing the fall. Also, buying back - how much would it actualy cost to do? If it isn't much, then maybe it will make sense. It could be repaired quite easy, not counting the bent forks of course :excl: :excl: :blush2:

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