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I buggered it!


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On my way home from the Hardware store this afternoon and skooting along at a good clip and decided to change lanes as I was approaching the left turn heading towards home.


I was loking over my shoulder to make sure that it was safe to change lanes and when I looked forward the traffic had come to a complete stop.


I tried to get accross into the left lane but the sidecar hit the left rear corner of the car in front of me, throwing me off the bike.


The rig ended up on its side and I rolled a bit, but when I tried to get up. it was obvious that I had broken my right leg.


This was confirmed by xrays and cat scans as a fractured Tibial Plateau, which means I have to be off my leg (on crutches) for about 3 months. I will know next week if I will require surgery to put a couple of screws in the bone :laugh:


As well as this I have sprained my right wrist, which may well play havoc with my sex life. :-P


All I can say is that I am so glad that there was noone in the sidecar, as they would have had much more serious injuries than mine.


Some pics of the damage.


The insurance asessor had estimated the damage to be over $10K, so they totalled it and gave me a check.

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Sorry to hear about the broken leg and wrist. You're pretty lucky, good thing you weren't sandwiched between vehicles. Hope you recoup quickly and get another rig.

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Glad you are as well as you are, and no one actually killed in the accident.


In looking at the pics, the damage looks to be at the hack and not the bike. Of course, you only showed the hack for the most part in the pics. What all got damaged with the bike? Did you keep the rig or did you let the insurance company have it?


Good luck and a quick recovery wished to you in the healing process.


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Well, like the guys said the bike looks ok...


If you're gonna be on crutches for three months, I hope your wrist heals quickly....




Seriously though... good to hear you're in one piece m8!



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Yikes.... not to parrot but I am glad you are above the ground and not below it. Hacks are relativly cheap if that is where all the damage is at. Not sure if the bike frame is bent, hard to tell from the pics.


Anyway, get well and start your southpaw training. :laugh:

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Thanks for the well wishes,


I doubt that there is much damage to the bike itself, other than the rear blinker/fender mount and the mirrors which snapped off as I flew over the bars.

The front lower sidecar mount is severely bent and it has 'touched' the fins on the right jug, so I have no idea if that may have caused any damage to the motor or the frame on that side.


After a whack like that, I would be suspect of the condition of the bike if it was repaired.


When the insurance assessor looked at the front end, he commented on how the front forks were bent back.

He has obviously never seen leading link forks before. :feelssogood:


Well I have a few months to decide what to buy as a replacement. Maybe the '08s will be out by the time I am ready to get back on the road

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WOW! Glad your came out of it. Speedy recovery! Chris



Whoa man.....! You were lucky! At least you're above ground.....sorry to hear about the injuries, though.

Here's wishing you a speedy recovery and a quick hop aboard a new rig! :feelssogood:

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That sucks.


Heal fast and well.



You might want to check out that rig to see if the bike has any real frame or powerplant damage. It sure doesn't look all that bad. I'm assuming the hack frame is bent, but it may not be all that out of whack. The tub is trashed, but that is easily replaced. It might be a good candidate for a buy-back. Ivan would have that bike on the road in about an hour....


You might have had LESS damage without the bumper. The nose would crumple up more easily without as much frame loading I'm thinkin.


Ya might want to watch where the hack yer goin next time.... but that's a whole nuther issue.... :-)))


Get well soon.




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