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Minnesota Highway Patrol


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About that First Air kit.... ?? when you deploy it, does every thing fall out????? or is it removable... I could do with such a thing, if only I could get the contents of my nice LARGE orange bag into it..

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Looks nice, but just too many druggies about in my area, so it wouldn't take long for them to wonder if there may be something you could use inside the box. Even without any drugs contained in it, they would see what else they could use, swap or pawn. I can see it for trail rides and such, but it makes a tempting target for removal by some, and I suspect their way of removing won't be appreciated by the owner. I'd be more inclined to attach to the inside of the hack or trunk, as there are just some things one doesn't want to advertise to the public.


Hope your box of goodies are basically for your own use in an emergency. This may seem a bit really odd to mention, but in Texas we have a Good Samaritan law that essentially protects us when we use normal skills and abilities to help someone who is hurt/injured at a wreck or such. However, the line gets a bit blurred once an individual starts carrying equipment to use, as you suddenly become more liable. Use of such can imply you are on the level of a physician, nurse, or EMT. It may sound a bit crazy, but lawyers love to shotgun at law suits, and get as many folk involved as possible; good intent or not. Not saying in the least that this will happen to you if you render aid to someone on the road, but it is something that you may want to check out before you find someone in distress and start whipping out bandages and such.

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Bob... when I first saw it I *knew* I had to have one... but there were no prices listed yet. someone finally posted prices on the Ural.com site and I had a mild heartattack, but it was already ordered by that time. the OD green one is about $40 less.


Mylash... Its pretty small.. about 7inches x 4 inches (Im guessing) and about 3 or so inches deep. you could probably get one of those really small 1st Aid kits in there, but not much more. Im only intending on keeping a few items. I currently have a small pill bottle of Tylenol in there. I will be putting in my insurance card, rubber gloves, band-aids, maybe an icepack and some vetwrap. Thats gonna be about all she can hold. Im going to check into a small lock for it... that way if someone did deside they wanted in, they would have to work at it.. put will probably only end up with a cotter pin or something. when you open it, yes, the stuff could fall out if not packed right. I did have some moisture in it the first day, but it came home in a torrential downpour... nothing stayed dry at that moment! lol

It is removable, but its held on my bolts. I think Dave mounted it there because the holes are already there (the straps) and wanted to let me decide if I wanted to drill holes into my hack myself. I may change it later, but for now its fine.


Heuy.. Im a First Responder and carry simple things in all of my vehicles for that 'just in case' time. Gloves are my big priority and will carry some for Brent as well. Protecting yourself is the first safety rule in helping others. I understand what you mean tho. Im hoping that 'maybe' I can get my vest in there too. I keep one in my jump bag... but since that outweighs me, it wont go anywhere unless its needed (or I dont have kids with)

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1st. and formost : THANK YOU to all Police on this list , past & present ! :P


Nowthen :


I live in a small town called Pasadena , Ca. , it's 26 miles square and we had 5 ~ 6 Moto officers for routine traffic and so on .


Recently the City bought 35 new Police bikes and has been using them soley for reveune enhacement duty (this means speed traps & other illegal ticket generating)


This sux big time as no one is going to respec Law Enforcement of the Cops they see are either pinching them for B.S. $125.00 + tickets of going through red light when -not- Code 3 .


Rant over I guess .

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