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Congrats !! I used to have one of those back in the '80's, mine was a burgundy color, a 1981. You'll love it, I know I did !! I rode mine more than I drove my car.


And surprisingly, JC Whitney still stocks some parts for them !


You may want to start looking around for places that sell parts, because believe me, you do NOT want to go to Honda to get parts. Anything to do with that engine or charging system will make you soil your pants !


But don't despair. The engine will run forever !!


This site has everything you could think of:




Again, congrats, and seeing your bike makes me wish I held onto mine.... :feelssogood:

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A few years back I was looking for a CX/GL 500 to attatch a sidecar to. I had always heard that the engines were dead reliable and would go forever. In my search I ran across some old basketcase Russian something or other with a bashed in sidecar and a hole through the piston. Love at first sight. Now eight years later my father has a 1981 GL 500 with the bags removed, he loves it.

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Signature updated. No personal miles on it yet but the odometer has about 26K on the dial.


Has a few little things needing attention but it starts and rides and is in pretty fair shape for a 25 year old. It IS quite different from the little Suzuki, so as soon as I get a new rear tire mounted and balanced I plan on cranking on some miles to find out what's "normal" for this critter.


I forgot about the "solo" feature on them bikes.... I only put mine in solo mode a time or two. I was single back then and was giving rides pretty frequently to the young ladies...


Now, everyone DID notice Randy's latest pic has the bike in solo mode, right ?? :feelssogood:

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So ya got yer hands on one huh?




I still think you'll like that bike. They are nice and smooth and fairly quiet, even though they tend to carry some more revs than we're used to. I think the water jackets hold in some of the engine noises. Compared to a russian boxer they are rather on the quiet side.


Don't even think of putting a chair on that bike. It's got about enough weight on it as it is. That's not a whole lot of engine and low end torque isn't it's best feature. Once it gets tweaked up and the cob webs blown out of it you'll be cruisin easy at highway speeds with no effort at all. Ya have to use the gears a bit cuz it's not a big displacement engine and needs it's revs. It will carry the revs all day long without a problem.


That should be a good cruiser that doesn't eat a lot of fuel but has decent enough performance to make riding a bit more fun than the little Susy does. The Susy is pretty nifty in the city though.


At least ya stayed with something that isn't seen every day and will provide a bit of a challenge to get parts and such. I'm thinkin the local Honda dealer may not have a full stock of parts sitting on the shelves... There are parts out there though, ya just have to go lookin. Those have been known to be pretty reliable bikes for the most part.


Good luck with it.

I'll probably be out and about and will drop in at Sara's in the morning. If you happened to come by there we can probably manage to infest your new bike with kommie kooties. Froggy always has a few kooties to spare...



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I'm holding out for the first story later of how you forgot to put your feet down when stopping at the red light. Seems that happens frequently to those who leave the sidecar lifestyle for a two wheeler. Old habits are hard to break, and the difference between driving a sidecar rig and riding a motorcycle are indeed interesting. Hope you can swap your skills easily and have no more problems than the occassional "fun to tell on self" story of failing to put your feet down at the red light.


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I've managed to put on just under 300 miles now and am starting to get a "little" more comfy with the weight and balance of the thing in traffic and on the open road.


I can get used to this 50+mpg thing fer sure! It is also VERY nice indeed to travel at whatever speed I CHOOSE, rather than what the bike can do. Found a nice long empty stretch of straight two lane and can confirm that it is still pretty solid at 80mph, not bad for a 500cc bagger with a full fairing. I don't expect to travel at that ridiculous speed often, but it's comforting to know that the power is there should I ever need it.


It handled a stretch of superslab this afternoon with aplomb and when called upon can keep up with the "big kids". heck I've even PASSED a few slow moving people on a two lane - purt near never have done that on the Ural or the little Suzuki- :laugh:


Don't let all that power go to yer head there Randy... :laugh:


80 mph on a bike... Sheesh! Kids nowdays always in a hurry. :angry:

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I met up with Randy this morning. The Wing is in real good shape and runs nice.


I'm thinkin almost nobody had a full-face helmet when they designed the trunk box. Randy's big helmet wouldn't fit in there although it LOOKS like it would go in there with no troubles. Oh well, that's why they invented helmet locks on the back probably...


It should be a good solid mosickle.

NOT hack material.

Ittybitty motor, and no lower frame at all. The engine / gearbox is the stressed part of the frame. The front end bolts up to the engine case and the rear of the bike bolts up to the gearbox housing. nothing underneath it. NOt having a chair was partly the object of this exercise I'm thinkin.


Fuel mileage may get a bit better after it gets some miles and gets a carb and ignition tweak possibly. It's always gonna give twice the mileage of a real-deal-steel sidecar rig though.


It's nice to have choices sittin in the garage.


Unfortunately I noticed a couple of kommie kooties jumpin off the dreaded Frog-of-War onto Randy's shiny new bike. I'm thinkin the axles will rust through or the fairing fall off or sumthin cool like that....


I think our boy Randy is gettin ready for a long ride around the big lake this summer. I know which bike I would choose, assuming that camping was not an option...




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