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Exhaust question


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If one was to hypothetically remove the cats, could you simply remove the short piece of pipe that goes between the header and the muffler and fit the muffler directly to the header?

This would effectively shorten the exhaust by about 4 inches.

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what is the easiest/most effective way to remove them? Chris



i think you mean, hypothetically, if some twisted bandito were to want to steal your cats, how would such a depraved, despicable charlatan go about it :smile:


yeah, yeah, right...that's what I meant. I work in a dangerous part of town, and I've seen some suspicious characters eyeing my exhaust system... Chris


Hypothetically, of course...


The cat burglar would need to remove your mufflers and loosen the clamps at the end of the J-Pipe that hang on the motor mounts. In between the J-Pipe and the muffler, there is a little tansition pipe where the cats reside. The burglar would need to remove those transition bipes and take them over to a bench grinder or use a dremel tool to grind away the weld that holds the cats in the transition pipe.


Of course, this is all hypothetical, if some cat burglar wanted to burgle your cats, I mean... :laugh:

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