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You know, it's funny how pretty much everything in USSR was made for military usage and then given to the public... in very limited supply. My grandad had to wait for 10 years to get himself a car - a new car. Used ones were avilable but who wants somebody elses troubles? But waiting in long lines or on long waiting lists was a part of life as we knew it back then.

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another one, 50m from the border:
Well, toooo bad, but today I was about to see this thing running, if you believe it!!!!!! Apparently a rich fellow bought it for about 10.000 (which I don't believe, because I live here and I know how things like this works....) and a team of workers started to disassemble the fornt part, to make the vehicle fit into a trailer.

It has a very, very big V12 diesel engine, everything underneath is solid iron. the VIN number seemed to be 16943 and the giant has...... 3721km on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, for 80 liters of fuel per hour I can understand.


The workers weren't able to start it because of the wiring system (4 truck batteries) and after some time waiting I really had to go. I am sure I ain't find it there tomorrow again.


One good news: it is going to a museum , not to the scrap yard. Along with two small cannons, also russian made. No pictures this time. Sorryyyyy :P

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Most of the soviet trucks, cars and buses were copied from western and eastern countries. My dad told me that he visited testing frounds somwhere in Ukraine where they were testing western trucks and buses. Same way as M72 was born, why stop then? :thumbsup!:

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Slovak Army still have PRAGER trucks.

They drive this one around KAF near Kandahar.

The cab is from ZIL model 38

They also still use old UAZ and Fergons

Their UAZ's are much older than the Afgan Army's


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OK, you can say good bye to the nice red truck in the first pictures. It was sold for scrap for about 1300$, the ex-"Securitatea" guy who stoled the entire resort was not interested in doing something better out of it. He is not interested in saving the resort, of course he doesn't care about an old fire truck... mhmmm... :rolleyes:

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