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Help the planet - Ditch the Prius, Get a Hummer!


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PS thats why I ride a motorsickle year-round.....32mpg on the Ural and 43 mpg on the Sprint ST...


You'd probably be doing better for the environment even in an SUV.


Even the BEST motorcycles put out far more harmful pollution per mile travelled than most average sized cars and light trucks.

That's just considering the pollution output, nevermind the cost per mile of operation - a factor a cycle will almost never beat over a car.


There are many reasons to ride a bike as one's daily transportation year-round, however fuel savings and cost of ownership are not one of them.


32 and 43 MPG on a bike really quite sucks. My '02 VW Beetle TDI returned 50mpg on a bad day, and I had a roof over my head in the rain, A/C on 98 degree / 90% humidity days, and heated seats on cold ones, 4 tires on the ground and a seat belt. Even my fuel-injected Guzzi Breva can't touch that, with 46mpg lifetime best.

Many other cars not available to us here in Amerika can surpass that even on regular gasoline. The VW Lupo "3" comes to mind. And nevermind all the diesel cars to be had abroad.

In the 2-wheel realm we're no better off over here. Everyone's got to have at least a litre of displacement and 100+ hp for some reason it seems. Whatever happened to the mid-sized all purpose bikes? Oh, they're only sold everywhere else besides North America.

at least my Enfield got 75 mpg and the Bajaj scooter I had got 100-110mpg. The '78 Guzzi v50 I still have at least gets 65mpg.


Just ramblin and stirrin' the pot.


fo shizzle!



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My 32 and 46 mpg would probably be better for both bikes, but I "hypothetically" got rid of the emissions control apparatus on the Ural and put a sweet sounding underseat can on the Sprint. Point well made otherwise.... :cheers:


especially in light of Mr. Cob's comment on work-mileage equations....hehehe I love that story....

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One thing I like to point out to people, insofar as I have a GMC pickup (6L V-8) sitting in my driveway all the time, is the truck uses less gasoline than any car - because I hardly drive it. My rig gets the lions share of the mileage and my truck went 600 miles last year and only burned 1.5 tanks of gas.

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