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Bubba won't be riding for a while...


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Probably a few more chomps by ol' bubba will even the score,,,,,except when he has flash backs 'caused by visiting ladies............just remember you deserve it :feelssogood: :unsure2:

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Speaking of unwanted puppies......


I'm On The Hunt for a small short haired dog , like a Doxie (weiner dog) or whatever , prefer a bitch as I have a male dog allready , my old Chiuahua died after 15 good years .


I have no $ to spend plus NO little doggies in the shelters herabouts - only BIG Ghetto pit bulls and other dogs that _should_ all be killed due to thier being inbread and totally hostile etc. .


I'll travel anywhere in So.Ca. to see if your unwanted pup wants to go home with me...

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