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I don't beleive in global warming

Serious Black

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I wasn't calling the guy an idiot because he disagreed with me, I was just pointing out that the good Dr. may have known from first hand experience whether adam and eve wore sun block, and that all those years of thinking about that may have clouded his thinking process.


Now for Mr. Lomborg, the most obvious, he does support the theory that global climate change is a "caused by mankind". Now for some of the material that contradicts other of his theories....








I'm not saying he isn't very bright, I concede hi is much smarter than I am, but that doesn't necessarily make him right. And he sounds funny when he talks.......


Steel mugs, now that sounds intriguing....

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Sorry but I'm done. You either didn't watch or missed the point of:


Dr. Lomborg's whole point was that Global Warming, if true, was not what we should be spending our money on right now.


The site you link to is a Lomborg denier, he picks and chooses his arguments and looks for straw men to knock down. Time will tell.


Oh, just so you know, there is much evidence that within the last 100,000 years the Arctic was free of ice for a while, and yet, somehow, we have polar bears.


The real thing to fear is the coming Ice Age, we are a thousand years overdue. If I can help by staving off that with my Dnepr, so I will.



And he talks funny cause he is Danish, English is not his mother tongue.


Mod dumhed guderne selv kæmpe forgæves.


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Did watch, understood his point, was no more convinced by it than you were by "an inconvenient truth". My point, he does believe global climate change is true (as do most other scientists who work in the field), but you are correct he does not feel we should allocate a lot of money to correct the problem. As for the funny way he talks, English not his native language, I got that...



Viden er det's egen regning

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Ho Hum......global warming hit wausau, this week, fine how do ya do! can't skid off a road with out really trying, snow mobile trails closed due to mush, Start planting garden any day...Stamon, don't drink all the beer, I need one for the hot days ahead.....Ken :thumbsup!:

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You are sounding like one of the blind men examining the elephant, the world has to be looked at from more than one perspective.


The Sixth no sooner had begun

About the beast to grope,


Than, seizing on the swinging tail

That fell within his scope,


"I see," quoth he, "the Elephant

Is very like a rope!"


You have to be very carful standing behind an elephant, it can give you a shi**t perspective....


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Visdom uden viden er nytteløs.

Viden uden visdom er farligt.


Ken I got lots of beer. As to the Steel mugs, these are glass mugs that my Steel Mill puts out as awards for exemplary performance.


I have many. Yuk yuk. I rarely get a chance to use 'em.


The deep reason I do not believe in Global Warming (Climate Change is just the latest dodge) is that I have learned to never trust fear. And when I see the trumpeting of Global Warming, and the fear mongering of it by our leaders, I know it is more dangerous to believe than to scorn.


More dangerous to follow than to dodge.


Besides, Dr. Lomborg's point is that solving Global Warming is horrendously expensive, and maybe unnecessary. We can use the money to do much better good now, and in ten years the evidence will point more forcefully either way.

So believe or don't, just stay out of my wallet.

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Hen til lukke enes øjne hen til den sandhed er den højst livsfarlig alles.



Sometimes fear is a great motivator. I don't know about you, but I don';t go to the doctor because I like the tests, it's a fear factor. I suppose you could drive drunk, smoke cigarettes, eat red meat every meal, pass on all inoculations, and tell your wife her butt looks very big in those pants (don't know if you have a wife, but I can tell you I would fear the results of saying that), but I choose not to because I fear the consequences. To be honest with you, I think you do let fear motivate you too, only it is the fear passed out by the energy companies that tells you the environmentalists want your Russian motorcycle (at one point we feared the Russians, that cost us trillions) I have no doubt motorcycles will go by the wayside at some point in the future, but it will be insurances companies that will champion their demise. As you say, time will tell, but I have a suggestion for you, be prepared to be very disappointed...

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A FIRST, ....really.....I have been condemmed with poetry....how cool, but blind I am not, I can spot BS at sixty yards on a flys butt, also can detect fear mongering from all about the world, just by the wails of the false phropets that seem to ebb and flow from one week to the next, some times refered to as the hue and cry.....I subscribe to the fact that "Experts, are seldom right, But never in doubt", they use fear to counter any attempt to apply reason, being older than most on this board, I have heard some real good ones...


1. Model "T" Ford had brakes only on the rear wheels cause, every one knows that front wheels locked up will put you in the ditch, every time!


2. Don't buy a Ford V-8, as we all know, a piston sliding on its side will wear out on that side very quickly. Yah, sure.


3. You have to fly low and slow, everyone knows that is safer....I like to live dangerous!


4. People who pratice the rythem system, don't have many children...but they dance better! They go home and bang, new one comes along! Real problem is dancing! ban music, Ma-Ma don't allow no...oh forget it....


5. Democrats are for the working man...no comment...


6. And in the end, I laugh at the comic opera we see every day, on the subject, About the time I was born, FDR made a statement, " the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself " and so it plays out, we need to fear, the mongers of fear them selves....Ken :thumbsup!:

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Well Ken, in my short 50+ years I have heard some pretty good ones also.


If Viet Nam falls, so will go the rest of the far east (domino theory)

I am not a crook (great laugh line for years, doesn't work as well now)

"Trees cause more pollution than automobiles do." Reagan '81

Compassionit conservitism (or is that an oxymoron?)

And to save the limited space available on the web sight, I will skip the lies and ridiculous things young George has spouted.

I guess we have a lot in common....

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One thing that didn´t really happen here in Europe was a polerization of the ´doesn´t exist/yes it does´dabate down political lines. It would appear that we took more notice of what science implied and began to act instead of going on about rights and freedom. It has long ago been accepted that Global Warming IS happening and we can prove it. In fact it looks like we have been doing it since we started farming and keeping animals. We are now waiting on the ´Leader of the Free World´ to get his act together and make sure his country takes it´s share of the load to try and slow things up (it´s way to late to try and stop it).


One of my original posts back in the beginning pointed out that the CO2 incease was really a simple case of schoolboy chemistry. We´ve been burning coal and oil at an ever increasing rate for the past 200 years or so. Nature took MILLIONS of years to bury it away. It´s bound to build up in the atmosphere, where else is it going to go? This is on top of Nature´s own contibution, which is NOT a stable cycle (i.e. CO2 in = CO2 out). Nature can deal with a lot by itself but many sceintists worry that we are approaching ´tipping point´. This is the point at which natural cycles can no longer cope and the build up of CO2 rapidly increases, even self sustaining. I wonder at what level will there be not enough oxygen in the atmosphere for our bikes to run?


The people that study this say the main efect we will notice is more extreme weather, e.g. more and stronger storms, heavier rainfall, harsher winters, drought, more tornados. Sounds about right to me.

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OK Gentlemen, really, really, concerned about global warming, curb your fears by going to the nearest tipping point, have one or more, then to do your part, stop breathing for about five minutes, the world will be indebted to you for the CO2 decrease, not to mention that static in our ears, All those planning on the stop breathing solution, kindly line up in neat rows. don't want to cause undue exertion to those on the clean-up committe.

Let see now, did I unduly hack anyone off? Touche!....Ken :thumbsup!:

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I don't know about you Ken, but I see your suggestion of "stop breathing" at some point in my future. If you guys who don't believe in climate change have a plan to avoid that, please share.


Serious Black,

I will admit we here in America love to divide practically every issue along political lines, fortunately, I have made the right choice politically. Maybe at some point in the future, soccer will become more popular here, then we can have our disagreement along more "European" lines....

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Serious (Sirius? any Harry Potter fans here?) Black, you have hit it exactly; we tend to get very concerned about issues of individual freedom and infringement thereon, real or imagined; to the point sometimes where it becomes a smokescreen for the underlying issues. Smoking is an excellent example; the debate has sidetracked from "what to do about the problem?" to "you can't tell me what to do!", with accompanying careful selection of factoids to discredit the science ("my grandfather lived to the ripe old age of 116, and smoked 11 packs a day, and was an asbestos miner"). Same thing with GHG; it snowed yesterday, so global warming is a myth. While our constitution doesn't explicitely guarantee the right to stupidity, it's apparently implied.


How, exactly, greenhouse gases and global climate change infringe on freedom escapes me. Fortunately for all of us, public policy in the US seems headed down the right path anyway. In fact, several states and a couple of provinces have banded together to promulgate GHG cap-and-trade independently of the feds, which may spur action on a national level, finally. I expect something within the next two years, certainly.

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You are absolutely correct in your assessment of the argument concerning global climate change. We here in the US (I admit my guilt), tend to place opinions in the "flag on your lapel" categories. I don't know if it as much an issue of "individual freedoms", as it is a matter of one's freedom to disagree. The game of politics here in the US is an odd sport, in order to play, you have to be able to change your principles depending on who has the ball. The Dems support federalism, as long as it doesn't interfere with a state's right to set tougher air quality limits, and Repugs support state's rights, as long as they don't violate any of their "right to life" standards. You are also correct in stating the US is currently headed in the right direction. It would be nice if this were based only on the fact that we had the best interest of the planet in mind, but I think the motivation is more "bottom line". A technology based on less consumption of fuels ultimately means more profits. The US is in desperate need of a new "manufacturing" base, and the US and it's workers are well suited for production of this technology. And finally, third world nations have begun emerging as manufacturing centers based both on cheap labor, and nonexistent environmental standards. If the "consumer" nations of the world band together and set trade standards that take environmental issues into account, it will slow the rapid growth of these emerging industrial nations, and give the old powers time to catch up. Funny, even when the right choices are made, someone suffers the consequences...

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