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I don't beleive in global warming

Serious Black

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I quit smoking 47 years ago, at 76, I am plugging along, working every day and whizzing off a few people now and then, drink a beer a day, some time skip a few days....But quitting smoking three packs of Pall Malls a day was the smartest thing I ever did, If you all still smoke, give it a College try to quit. You will reward yourself....Ken :feelssogood:

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Avalon, thanks for the warm greeting. Ken, congratulations on your wise decision. Sounds as if you took the hint right as the debate started, my father was a diehard. The unfortunate truth is, we all too often look at "research" as a plot to take something away from us. My father kept his cigarettes up till the end, but he missed meeting my kids. Sometimes you have to give a little, to get a lot.

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I smoked for 35 years, started at 15. Wonderful drug tobacco is. I have been clean for 4 years, I want to be there for my grandkids, even though the men in my family usually live (healthy) past 85 years and smoke. Actually they smoked what they grew, store bought is bad for you. Anyway we all need to quit.


Ken, I'm sorry, I wasn't yelling at you, just using someone else's rant about you as a illustration. I agree with you, really.


Oh, and smoky-joe or whatever, what about the petition claiming that there is NO evidence of "Anthropomorphic Global Warming" signed by 37,000 Scientists. http://theclimatebet.com/2008/06/04/31072-...rming-petition/










Well you get the point. They must all be deniers.


There are two issues. ONE, Is Global Warming Real? TWO, Is it caused by man?

If one isn't true, then two is invalid. If one is true, then two does not necessarily follow. Even if one and two are true, that doesn't make it a bad thing. A bad thing would be the return of a Ice Age, which by the way is 1,000 years overdue, on a schedule going back half a million years or more. Which is worse, 5 degrees hotter and Washington DC under water. Or 30 degrees colder and Chicago under a 100 feet of ice. Humm, actually I kinda like the latter.

Or maybe both.


Who cares, bring on Ragnarok. That's Gotterdammerung for you Anglo-Saxon pinheads.

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Oh, and yes of course, Welcome aboard Slowjoe. Sorry I called you Smoky-joe, i got into typing and lost my mind. You can tell I think Global Warming is a crock of poop. A self reinforcing meme. Doomed to fail, hopefully before it causes too much damage.


Another beer please.

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I tried googleing signers of the "Global Warming Petition", you really should give it a try. A majority of the signers major accomplishment is the fact they signed this petition. Try googling "Dr. Art Robinson (it's his petition), that will pretty much give you a picture of the caliber of the signers. The other links you referenced were either about the "petition", or a blog by Charles R. Anderson, Ph.D., who is renowned for "his blog". I think if your side is going to argue against the established scientific community, your going to have to do better than that.


But, I do like your taste in motorcycles.....oh, and beer....

Joe aka smokey, i mean, slow joe....

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I think if your side is going to argue against the established scientific community, your going to have to do better than that.



The established scientific community is making a lot of money off global warming. How about this, no global heating since 1995. The 800 year lag between rising temps and greater CO concentrations, with temp rising first. The correlations between Sun activity and temp rise. The reality is Anthropomorphic Global Warming is a self reinforcing meme. It is doing a lot of damage. We can wait ten years and see. In ten years the evidence will be obvious one way or another without much effect either way.


Ever hear of Bjorn Lomborg:


Look, it's very simple. everyone wants to fear this, follow this, trumpet this to the skies. Whenever that happens my bullsh-t detector goes off. And when words like "Denier" are bandied about (like racist, Nazi or fascist), emotional labels with real social stigma, I just know there is a large element of mob fear behind it all. The reality is some of us have lost their trust in God and have woken up to realize mankind's responsibility for itself. And it scares them.


The quickest, cheapest safest solution to CO emissions is to bring back nuclear power and reprocessing: http://www.spectrum.ieee.org/feb07/4891


And I don't have a side, other than our's.

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Oh, and Joe, I guess you didn't look at the links I provided about that petition, So I'll cut and paste for you:


Dr. Art Robinson’s Petition Project (Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine) lists over 31,000 scientists that have signed, rejecting claims of human-caused global warming. 9,021 of the scientists hold PhDs.


It is evident that 31,072 Americans with university degrees in science - including 9,021 PhDs, are not “a few.” Moreover, from the clear and strong petition statement that they have signed, it is evident that these 31,072 American scientists are not “skeptics.”


More than 31,000 scientists across the United States, including more than 9,000 Ph.D.s in fields including atmospheric science, climatology, Earth science, environment and dozens of other specialties, have signed a petition rejecting "global warming," the assumption that the human production of greenhouse gases is damaging Earth's climate.


The list of scientists includes 9,021 PhDs, 6,961 at the master’s level, 2,240 medical doctors, and 12,850 carrying a bachelor of science or equivalent academic degree.


More than 31,000 scientists have signed the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine petition taking the stance that man-made global warming is not established to be the case by science. Of these scientists, more than 9,000 have Ph.D. degrees


Hell, count them yourself:

Don R, Rae E. R., Bernard Raab, PhD, F. H. Raab, PhD, Frederick H. Raab, PhD, Kristine J. Raab, DVM, John A. Raabe, PhD, Daryl Raabe, Ashley Rabalais, David D. Rabb, John E. Rabbitt, Steve Rabe, Linda E. Rabe, DVM, Craig Rabeneck, Brian T. Raber, Dennis P. Rabin, PhD, Sidney C. Rabin, MD, M. J. Rabinowitz, PhD, Jack G. Rabinowitz, MD, Thomas A. Rabson, PhD, Louis C. Raburn, Richard L. Racette, Todd L. Rachel, Joseph Wolfe Rachlin, PhD, Kenneth D. Rachocki, PhD, Dennis S. Rackers, Charles W. Raczkowski, PhD, Richard E. Radak, MD, Jerome D. Radar, Richard W. Radeka, Frank Radella, Roger L. Radeloff, Edward L. Rademacher Jr., Robert A. Rademaket, David R. Raden, Robert E. Rader, Nancy R. Radercic, PhD, Thomas S. Raderstorf, Steven R. Radford, Norman D. Radford Jr., Lewis E. Radicke, PhD, Rodney Owen Radke, PhD, Donald Rado, Donald Joseph Radomski, Donald E. Radtke, Michael T. Radvaw, Keith A. Rae, Harold R. Raemer, PhD, Beat U. Raess, PhD, Marvin C. Raether, Hershel Raff, PhD, Bradford J. Raffensperger, Keen A. Rafferty, PhD, Manny K. Rafla, PhD, Jeffrey T. Rafter, John G. Raftopoulos, DVM, Nicholas D. Raftopoulos, Donal M. Ragan, PhD, John R. Ragase, Robert W. Ragen Jr., Ralph D. Ragsdale, Mohsen Khatib Rahbar, PhD, James J. Rahn, PhD, Perry H. Rahn, PhD, Frank A. Raila, MD, Jay M. Railey, Attilio Joseph Rainal, PhD, David E. Rainer, Danny P. Raines, Robert L. Raines, Joe M. Rainey, Robert N. Rainey, James K. Rainforth, Ted Rains, John Ruel Rairden III, Elliott Raisen, PhD, James W. Raitt, MD, DeJan Rajcic, Robert P. Raker, MD, Michael R. Rakestraw, MD, Carl G. Rako, Francis Rakow, John M. Rakowski, James Arthur Raleigh, PhD, Charles F. Raley, PhD, James A. Ralph, Dean C. Ralphs, Michael Ram, PhD, Ganesier Ramachandran, Colin Stokes Ramage, William W. Ramage, Periasamy Ramalingam, PhD, George Ramatowski, Dario Ramazzotti, C. L. Rambo, Frederick H. Rambow, PhD, James A. Ramenofsky, MD, William Ramer, Professor Ramers, PhD, Harmon Hobson Ramey, PhD, Rafael G. Ramirez, PhD, Sonia R. Ramirez, MD, Guadalupe Ramirez, Apolinar Z. Ramiro, John J. Ramm, Simon Ramo, PhD, Roy E. Ramseier, Robert A. Ramser, Jerry Dwain Ramsey, PhD, John E. Ramsey, Walter B. Ramsey, Madeline K. Ramsey, Benjamin F. Ramsey, Mark Ramsey, Thomas E. Ramsey, Milton H. Ramsey, Alvin O. Ramsley, Lawrence Dewey Ramspott, PhD, Paul Ellertson Ramstad, PhD, Andrea L. Ramudo, Patricia Ramudo, John Ramus, Shahida I. Rana, Hugh Rance, PhD, David Rancour, PhD, James Rancourt, PhD, Phillip Gordon Rand, PhD, Charles L. Rand, Joseph Lindsay Randall, PhD, Charles Addison Randall, PhD, William J. Randall, PhD, Greenfield A. Randall, P. Randall, Byron K. Randall, Charles C. Randall, Robert T. Randall, Roberta B. Randall, Ann Randolph, PhD, Spencer G. Randolph, Jack E. Randorff, PhD, Robert C. Ranew, William P. Raney, PhD, Jesus J. Rangel Jr., Margene G. Ranieri, PhD, Tom Rank, PhD, Thomas J. Rankin, John W. Ranocchia Sr., C. J. Ransom, PhD, W. R. Ransone, PhD, David C. Ransower, Charles G. Ranstrom, Eero Ranta, MD, Navagund Rao, PhD, Gujar N. Rao, PhD, Vinod E. Rao, Alan M. Rapaport, MD, Irving Rapaport, Stephen C. Rapchak, Stephen C. Raper, Thomas Raphael, PhD, David E. Rapley, Henry Rapoport, PhD, Robert E. Rapp, MD, Donald Rapp, Bob Raser, Mamunur Rashid, PhD, Marco Rasi, PhD, Amram Rasiel, PhD, Karel Frantisck Raska Jr., PhD, Daren H. Raskin, Miriam Rasky, Lowell W. Rasmussen, PhD, James B. Rasmussen, Alvin L. Rasmussen, Arthur L. Rasmussen, DVM, Thomas R. Rasmussen, Mark Rasmussen, Ned S. Rasor, PhD, James Rasor, Howard E. Rast Jr., PhD, J. R. Ratcliff, Lee Ratcliff, Mike Ratcliff, Bhakta Bhusan Rath, PhD, Tom C. Rath, Carlisle Baxter Rathburn, PhD, Dennis Rathman, PhD, Hukum Singh Rathor, PhD, Andrew A. Rathsack, Steven T. Ratliff, PhD, Oscar Davis Ratnoff, MD, Gregory K. Ratter, Charles H. Ratterree 3rd, Egan J. Rattin, Michael S. Ratway, Alfred Ratz, PhD, Michael P. Rau, Jack G. Raub, Richard Travis Rauch, PhD, William R. Rauch, Lee Raue, James P. Rauf, Joseph R. Raurora, Donald O. Rausch, PhD, Kent Rausch, PhD, Gerald W. Rausch, PhD, Arthur A. Rauth, Steven L. Rauzi, Richard J. Ravas, PhD, Ann Rave, PhD, Francis Harvey Raven, PhD, Nancy C. Raven, Shea B. Rawe, Martin A. Rawhouser, Michael Rawley, Carroll J. Rawley, Kyle Rawlings, PhD, Richard G. Rawlings, James W. Rawlins, PhD, Stephen Rawlinson, Marvin L. Rawls, James H. Rawls, Stanley R. Rawn Jr., Sylvian Richard Ray, PhD, Malcolm H. Ray, PhD, Michael B. Ray, PhD, Clifford H. Ray, PhD, Michelle B. Ray, Anatoly D. Ray, Monte E. Ray, Morgan G. Ray Sr., Thomas E. Ray, Donald R. Ray, Carole A. Ray, Clinton M. Rayes, Park Rayfield, PhD, Everett L. Raymond, Richard L. Raymond, Leonard Raymond, Herbert Raymond, Larry C. Raymond, Oscar Rayneri, Stuart Raynolds, PhD, Susanne Raynor, PhD, Harold M. Raynor, Gary D. Rayson, PhD, Bill E. Raywinkle, Jerry Re, Leonard A. 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Runkel, PhD, Donald Demar Runnells, PhD, Kelli Runnels, PhD, Jack E. Runnels, Olaf Runquist, PhD, Edward E. Runyan, Mark V. Runyon, Charles Runyon, Arthur L. Ruoff, PhD, Kevin C. Ruoff, Gerald Bruce Rupert, PhD, Robert C. Rupert, R. C. Rupert, John A. Rupley, PhD, Susan S. Rupp, MD, William J. Ruppert, Richard E. Ruppert, Theodore A. Ruppert, Michael T. Rusesky, B. Rush, PhD, Devon S. Rushnell, Brian Mandel Rushton, PhD, Geo Rushton, Andrew Rusiwko, PhD, Louis L. Rusoff, PhD, Irving I. Rusoff, PhD, Paul J. Russ, Mark Russell, PhD, A. Yvonne Russell, PhD, Jean E. Russell, PhD, Robert Raymond Russell, PhD, Ernest Everett Russell, PhD, Ross F. Russell, PhD, Joe L. Russell, Gary W. Russell, MD, Lewis B. Russell, Edmund L. Russell, Andrew Russell, Cynthia B. Russell, Roger L. Russell, David E. Russell, Jim Russell, Kenneth Russell, Robert B. Russell Jr., Robert B. Russell, Jacob B. Russell, Harry C. Russell, Charles L. Russell, Clifford D. Russell, Joseph C. Russello, Nicholas Charles Russin, PhD, Richard F. Russo, James H. Rust, PhD, Frank W. Rust, Carri A. Rustad, M. R. Rusty, MD, Harold D. Rutenberg, MD, Byron E. Ruth, PhD, Robert Rutherford, Paul J. Rutherford, James D. Rutherford, Todd M. Rutherford, Susan E. Rutherford, MD, George B. Rutkowski, Sigmond S. Rutkowski III, Durward E. Rutledge, John P. Rutter, Mark Ruttle, Paul G. Ruud, PhD, John Ruvalds, PhD, Mary Ruwart, PhD, Donald Rux, Ralph R. Ruyle, Ed J. Ruzak, Philip L. Ryall, Joe Ryan, PhD, Bill Chatten Ryan, PhD, James M. Ryan, PhD, Jean L. Ryan, PhD, Wayne L. Ryan, PhD, Frederick M. Ryan, PhD, Edmond P. Ryan, PhD, Kevin M. Ryan, Daberath Ryan, Michael J. Ryan, Terrell B. Ryan, DVM, James Ryan, Julian G. Ryan, Jeffrey W. Ryan, Michele M. Ryan, Timothy M. Ryan, Casey J. Ryan, C. B. Ryan, William F. Ryan, Willis C. Ryan, Terry W. Ryan, Fredrick J. Ryan, Charles Joseph Ryant Jr., PhD, George E. Ryberg, John A. Rybicki, Robert G. Rydell, Elliott Ryder, PhD, David Frank Ryder, PhD, Paul H. Rydlund, Kathleen Rygiel, Lee Chester Ryker, PhD, Debra J. Rykoff, PhD, Robert R. Ryland, Michael A. Rynearson, Robert P. Rynecki, James M. Rynerson, MD, George M. Rynkiewicz, Lester M. Ryol, PhD, John W. Ryon, PhD, Edwin L. Ryser, Carroll J. Ryskamp, Gregory Ryskin, PhD, Faina Ryvkin, PhD, Peter A. Rzepecki, PhD, Alicja M Kirkien Rzeszotarsk, PhD, M. Kirkien Rzeszotarsk, PhD, Waclaw Janusz Rzeszotarski, PhD


Etcetera, etcetera.


Global Deniers all.

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Oh and oh again, read this : http://www.petitionproject.org/gwdatabase/...Of_Signers.html


Click on that link to see who signed and what their accomplishments are. They are not hoi polloi


Really, you are reading and repeating the Global Warming meme propaganda. "If you do not believe us, you are the enemy, wrong, and evil."


At least give the signatories their due.


Hey, if you were here I'd get you a beer right about now. Then I'd shut up and listen.



Vroom vroom, vrrrrrrrrrr, shift, vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, shift, clunk, verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, shift, vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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I will try this "once again". I will not argue that people signed that petition, but, what qualifications do they have to "support" that signature. Dr. Arthur B. Robinson, the "originator" of the petition:


Arthur B. Robinson is founder, president and professor of chemistry at the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, where he conducts research on protein chemistry and on nutrition and predictive and preventive medicine. He also sells the Robinson Curriculum, which is a self-taught home school curriculum for grammar school children through high school.[1][2]


"Teach your children...to acquire superior knowledge as did many...in the days before socialism in education."


He is an avowed Christian.


He is currently the editor and publisher of the newsletter Access to Energy[3], which was originated by Petr Beckmann.


With his son, Noah E. Robinson, Ph.D., Arthur Robinson authored the Molecular Clocks: Deamidation of Asparaginyl and Glutaminyl Residues in Peptides and Proteins [4] which includes an exhaustive review of the scientific literature on deamidation; His work is still discussed in later publications on this subject, for example [5] Robinson and coworkers formulated the amide molecular clock hypothesis in 1970. [6]


An American Spectator article concerning Dr. Robinson's unique history.[7] includes discussion of his association with Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling (Chemistry, 1954 and Peace, 1962), who referred to Robinson as "my principal and most valued collaborator." However, Robinson's research revealed "highly embarrassing" results proving conclusively that Pauling's data on vitamin C was false. According to the article:


A sharp divergence of political opinion between the two men also became apparent. A few years after he won the Nobel Peace Prize, Pauling also won the Lenin Peace Prize. He told Robinson that he was more proud of the Soviet than the Norwegian award. For his part, in the spring of 1978 Robinson had given a speech at the Cato Institute, then in San Francisco, deploring the government funding of science as harmful to the independence that is essential to scientific inquiry [7]


Robinson is the senior author of the Oregon Petition, a petition of over 31,000 self-described scientists or engineers (in 2008), intended to show that a "scientific consensus" does not exist on the subject of global warming.[8] Robinson is a signatory to A Scientific Dissent From Darwinism, a petition produced by the Discovery Institute that expresses skepticism about the ability of natural selection to account for the complexity of life, and encouraging careful examination of the evidence for "Darwinian theory".


You can read it your way, I can not see his qualifications to support or deny global climate change. As for the other individuals who's name are on the petition, I started googling, all I could find was that they had signed this petition, wow. As Dr. Robinson stated in his "introduction" to the petition, if they want "warm bodies", we have those. OK, you have convinced me that "warm bodies" are on your side. If you can show me credintials that qualify them as experts in the field they are expressing their opinion, I might be impressed....


If I were there, I would drink that beer.....

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oh oh oh,

good points all, sip.

but,,,,,,,,,, wait for it:


Dr. Art Robinson didn't start this petition, Dr. Frederick Seitz did. Dr. Robinson just carried it on. And really, does his religious beliefs make him wrong?


I'm a Darwinist myself, but that doesn't mean I won't listen to this man. Also, does his beliefs invalidate this petition. It seams to me you didn't even look at my links.



All of the listed signers have formal educations in fields of specialization that suitably qualify them to evaluate the research data related to the petition statement. Many of the signers currently work in climatological, meteorological, atmospheric, environmental, geophysical, astronomical, and biological fields directly involved in the climate change controversy.


Really, come on. All they all just Deniers. bet you a beer in ten years that it's all BS.


Hey, I've got Bourbon in the closet!


PS; Stop the patronizing stuff (Stammon,

I will try this "once again".). This is too fun. And remember, either one of could be wrong.


Hey, I found the crystal glasses. Oh, I got spring water too. Now where is that single malt.

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I hate to break this to you, but Dr. Seitz is quite dead, lived to the ripe old age of 96, which is most likely how old he was when he started this petition. As for the "All of the listed signers have formal educations in fields of specialization that suitably qualify them to evaluate the research data related to the petition statement. Many of the signers currently work in climatological, meteorological, atmospheric, environmental, geophysical, astronomical, and biological fields directly involved in the climate change", I refer you back to Dr. Robinson, who I am sure is qualified to express an opinion on certain fields, but, sounds as if his only "expertise" in climate issues might be whether adam and eve had to use sun block.



crystal glasses, way to fancy. a 12 pack of bud, a bottle of jack, we could solve all the worlds problems....

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Watch this please:


watch it, watch watch watch it.


really, just watch it.


and really, you are playing the old "I don't like what you are saying so you must be and idiot" routine. Not me, I mean the Dr. must be an idiot. And yes of course, I know he is dead.


Watch the link. Watch it. really, don't answer till you watch it. Please.

I've got 3 cases we have to finish here.



And frosted Steel Mill mugs.

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