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Our boys in Iraq


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I think that after they hang 'ol sadamm, ought to donate the rope to the military, seems to me they could whup ass, on John Boy, hang him, or sign him up for a tour in Iraq! with orders to keep his mouth shut....enemy is listening >:cheers: :thumbsup:

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Anyone that knows anybody knows someone in the reserves...............They are all professional people,police officers,fireman,engineers ect...I know allot of people in the reserves,I know allot of ex marines & retired service men.But I do not know a single person who does not respect them or realize the debt we owe to them.Thats why when you hear about comments like Carey made or a movie like farenhite 911 you can shrug it off & know that its not true,in the minority or just plain stupid

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you can shrug it off & know that its not true,in the minority or just plain stupid

Maybe folks like you and me can, but the genreal "pop culture" myrmidon society of today just eat whatever is spoon fed to them by the media...


It scares me watching Jay Leno's or Sean Hannity's "man on the street" bits where they ask people at rando on the street some simple questions like "Who is the vice-president?" and they can't, but they know trivial crap like who won American Idol.

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Tim Kane and Mackenzie Eaglen analyze recruitment data in an effort to refute the “crass assumption that the United States is fielding a low-quality military.” Their case, however, is a model of selective argumentation.


Despite glowing statistics from a few years before and after the United States mobilized for war, the trends toward quality compromise are unmistakable.


According to the Pentagon, between 2001 and 2006, the Army increased by roughly 50 percent the number of new recruits it granted “moral waivers,” a program allowing enlistment despite a history of criminal activity, drug use or limited education.


Under this program, the Army admitted Pvt. Steven Green, a high school dropout with three criminal convictions and a history of substance abuse who has been charged with rape and four killings of an Iraqi family.


According to data recently obtained by our researchers at the University of California, tens of thousands of former convicts have been allowed to serve in recent years. Quality control has clearly been impaired in our current mobilization.


Nathaniel Frank

Brooklyn, Nov. 8, 2006

The writer is a senior research fellow at the Michael D. Palm Center, University of California, Santa Barbara.


I knew there was more data out there.

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