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Our boys in Iraq


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Ha!  :surprise: This is great. At least our troops have a sense of humor about the whole John Kerry fiasco.

Oh give the poor guy a break, he "botched the joke". :o


yeah right! ;) "botched the joke", not even a good excuse.


If he said "I'm sorry troops, I didn't mean it, it was a wrong thing to say, I apologize" then it would be over and no big deal. Now Kerry is just digging a deeper hole for himself and it's gonna drag on until election day.


A really dumb thing to do less that a week before an election where his party is hoping to make some progress and he's wants to try rinning for Prez in '08. Somewhere Hillary, Al Gore and Barack Obama are secretly laughing with delight at this gaffe.


Although, It could have been worse, he coulda said "stuck in New Orleans", "stuck in Detroit" or "stuck in a welfare line". Then the fur would have really flew. :o

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:surprise: Not like our President is a has a silver tongue. Plus Bush surely hasn't made errors, that he needs to apologize for or explain. :wacko:


If this is the thing the republicans can run on, then this country is pitiful.

Bush has made his share of tounge slips, but nothing like this just a few days before an election. Even if Kerry was trying to make a joke about Bush, I don't find the war in Iraq and the troops fighting it are something to joke about. If it was meant as a joke, which I personally doubt, it was poor form.


Both sides need to focus on and address real issues like tax reform, immigration, reeling in spending, and national security. Instead we get Mark Foley, gay marriage, and John Kerry's latest blunder, and a million negative campaign ads slamming each other.


I hear "more of the same" from one side and the other is "we're not the other guy, although we don't have a better plan". That's the truly pitiful part.


Seems lately all ya can do is vote for the lesser of two evils, which is still an evil. Too bad "None of the Above" isn't running.


And don't vote for Randy, he hates puppies and kittens! ;)

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That is why I vote for more and more third party candidates. Rep or Demo not much difference overall all they care about is power and paying back the special interest that got them there with special regulations, tax breaks or contracts. Makes me sick every time I listen to one of them damn talking heads. I say vote them all out, We need a non of the above for national elections.

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Here's the article in case the link goes away:


By Lou Dobbs



Editor's note: Lou Dobbs' commentary appears every Wednesday on CNN.com.


NEW YORK (CNN) -- We're now less than a week away from our midterm elections, and Republicans and Democrats are down to their final tens of millions of dollars in media buys, their hyperbolic rhetoric all but expended and their candidates all but exhausted.


It's amazing what a mere $2.6 billion can buy in a democracy. That's what the two parties will have spent in their campaigns leading up to these midterm elections, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. And most of that money for Democrats and Republicans alike comes from corporate America. So what will be the outcome of this election? The only certainty is that corporate America will get what it's paid for, and that's more of the same.


Whether the Democrats or Republicans take control of the House and Senate, corporate America has just bought a license to outsource more middle-class jobs to cheap foreign labor markets, to continue unabated so-called free trade and the destruction of more manufacturing jobs, and most likely to promote amnesty for the 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens living in this country.


So, no, I'm not real excited about what some see as a potentially tectonic shift in political power in the House of Representatives or U.S. Senate.


While the name of the party in charge may change from Republican to Democrat, it's really only a branding issue. And just as my friend James Mtume says, it's still the same bird, just a different wing. And believe me, middle-class America will still be getting the bird.


Neither party at the national or local level is talking about what to do about the education crisis in our public schools. Both parties seem to think a 10-year plan to measure the decline of our schools through the No Child Left Behind law is an adequate response to what is an outright emergency.


Both parties seem happily content to give their multinational corporate masters exactly what they want in the form of so-called free trade, which has cost millions of middle-class Americans their jobs to outsourcing and off-shoring of manufacturing production to cheap overseas labor markets.


And God forbid we should disturb the orthodoxies of both parties that insist that we not secure our borders and ports, despite radical Islamist terrorist threats, the multibillion-dollar illegal drug trade and what is nothing less than an invasion of illegal aliens into this country.


Yes, I said "country." America really is a nation, but you couldn't convince those who lead the Democratic and Republican Parties of that. Both parties now see America as nothing more than an economy, a marketplace, and not a sovereign nation. They don't see you and me as citizens of this great nation; they see us as units of labor, consumers and taxpayers.


Corporate America long ago quit talking about corporate citizenship and corporate responsibility, and with both the Democratic and Republican Parties as its tools, corporate America wants you and me to forget that we are first citizens, and that America is first a nation.


Only 15 percent of eligible voters turned out to cast a ballot in this year's primary elections, according to an American University study. Never before have so few of us bothered to vote in primary elections. And it's no wonder. Our middle class is beginning to get the joke.


Most Americans understand that all the major decisions have already been made. It is now clear to all but those who will not see that both political parties and their corporate masters have placed our middle class in direct competition with the world's cheapest labor, leaving it only a tenuous and failing grip on the American Dream.


Until all of us who care about this great nation and the world's greatest democracy find the energy and commitment to insist on political choice and true representation in Washington, then the very idea of America will remain in peril.


Unfortunately, the choices we'll be permitted to make on November 7 will do little to mitigate that peril.

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I see it didn't take long for Kerry to reach this web-site.


I know I can always depend on this (Russian Iron) web page for some good-ole fashion talk right/left posts.




2008, when I'm the president. I'll fix everything. Just the way I like it.


The politicians? We have them right where they want us.




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That is why I vote for more and more third party candidates. Rep or Demo not much difference overall all they care about is power and paying back the special interest that got them there with special regulations, tax breaks or contracts. Makes me sick every time I listen to one of them damn talking heads. I say vote them all out, We need a non of the above for national elections.

You know, I am well aware that our politics are not free of jackasses, but I must say I appreciate having 3 parties. I don't know how you Yanks do it wih just two "official" parties.


Good luck this election!

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The really sad thing about this is that, iregardless of which party he belongs to is the fact that a grown man, member of the senate, would stand there and lie repeatidly, that he never said this, all the kids in this country watch CNN, and see this lying scoundrel, tell one after the other. The message is that there is no penalty for lying to anyone, (untill you do it in a legal investigation.) He's teaching millions of Kids to never admit to being wrong, just lie your way out of it...now before some one jumps their number 9's on my butt, I don't care what party, they claim to be from, this is disgusting...totally...end of rant....Ken :party:

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:huh: First you don't have to teach kids to lie. They do it all on their own to avoid trouble and for self preservation. You do need to teach kids to be honorable and decent. I don't think Kerry lied, I think he is an idiot who can't even read a prepared speech. But Bush, Rummy, Cheney have lied, Delay, Cunningham, Skilling, Clinton, Reagan, Oliver North, Hillary Clinton, every single one of them in politics and so have we all. We just don't have the stature and power they do. The adults in this country have been going out of their way for the last 20 years to give kids cache blanche(spelling) in regards to behavior, responsibility and self discipline.

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