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I wanted to put my rig avatar back up, after playing with bugs bunny, and such... BUT, can't remember where I hid it... So, until I find my normal Avatar, please put up with my penguin.

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Apparently the file you used got corrupted, or changed, Nate - I just uploaded Bugs Bunny, and it works fine...


I will go mess with the file, and see if I can't get it running right..


You must have saved the picture as something other than a .gif... I got your avatar running right, as my avatar, so try again, and when you right click to save, make sure that the file is saved as a .gif.. if necessary you will have to select the gif in the save as menu....


Uh , um. er ~ yeah .


I guess so anyway :huh:


I'm on my super s l o w w w home dailup 'puter to-day so mayhap it'll have to wait untill next week to do this .

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So where do you run across hese animations, anyway?

I have not posted any of my collection - I have hundreds of animated Gifs, all found by time wasted on Google. I run the image filter, and type in something like funny goose, and get a couple of hundred pictures, some of which are animated..


Others I have drawn myself, and animated them...


Some of the ones in this thread are really good - particularly the creeping skeleton.. that is cool.


I have a passion for collecting cartoon style graphics... total on my hard drives today is 15,086 files, with 745 of them being Gifs. (this is probably why I can't find my usual avatar.)

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