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With your mouse, hover the cursor over the picture, then click the right button. This should open a menu, in which should be an option to save the picture. Save the picture to your document picture folder, and you then have the picture on your computer.


Remember where you put it, and then go to your controls, here on this site, find the edit avatar bit, and click on the upload an image from your computer then point the loader to the picture you saved (this is why you have to remember where you put it) and upload the picture...


That is it, you have an avatar

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Some board software allows for .gif files to operate as avatars, other change the format of the file to give only a still. It is up to the decisions of the webmaster as to the operation of gif files in avatars. But, it looks good anyway, yes?

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Apparently the file you used got corrupted, or changed, Nate - I just uploaded Bugs Bunny, and it works fine...


I will go mess with the file, and see if I can't get it running right..


You must have saved the picture as something other than a .gif... I got your avatar running right, as my avatar, so try again, and when you right click to save, make sure that the file is saved as a .gif.. if necessary you will have to select the gif in the save as menu....

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