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Dnepr final drive rebuild.

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Hello, fellas

  I am rebuilding a final drive. It has a broken worm gear shaft, so I am replacing everything, bearings etc.

Is there a method for setting the lash for the gears? There are 2 places that can be shimmed. One which fixes the in/out position of the worm gear and the other the position of the crown gear. Is there any figures for clearances etc? Thanks for any tips.

  Ride safe


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I didn't realise Ernie Franke went into so much detail on final drives. Found the relevent figure for lash on the crown gear. 0.1-0.3mm.

It's really quite a simple set up and after a bit of trial and error got my lash more or less between the limits. All feels very smooth with new gears and bearings. Will give it a test drive in the next few days.

ride safe


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