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Need help from someone in the Frederick Md, Poolesville Md, Gaithersburg Md, Rockville Md, or anywhere helping me get my 2006 Ural Tourist back on road. Sat indoors for three years because of my failed back operation. Have drained and cleaned, cleaned carbs, etc. Have got it running but still problems with left cylinder and turn signals. Need someone who knows more the me. Will pay. Text Bob at 301-461-3182. Have most tools. Thanks 

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I have helped numerous folks with their Harleys via Phone/internet... I also own a 2007 Tourist for Reference..

All I gots. so, If you have no luck local... drop me a PM and Maybe I can Help... or Others on here can also!!


Maybe just Post one problem at a time (1 per Thread, and multiple threads) and I'm betting this gets addressed...

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Note on poorly running Ural engines:

Both my son and I experienced Ural engine running issues.  They acted like the low speed carb jets were (partially?) clogged.

We each put half a can of SeaFoam (a fuel additive/solvent for engines) in each of our three Urals, and then ran them hard.


Within 20 miles the jets cleared and the engines are again running at full power with smooth throttle response.

I can recommend SeaFoam as a useful solution to the carburetor cleaning problems we experienced.


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Do the easy stuff first.  Seafoam is good,  Lay both spark plugs on the head and spin the starter and check for good blue spark.  

If you don't have a compression gauge, you can use a thumb over the spark plug hole or holding  a tapered stick that plugs the hole without going far down in the hole.  DO NOT PUT YOU FINGER IN THE HOLE AND THEN SPIN THE STARTER.  And as always have the throttles wide open when doing a compression test.  The thumbs or a stick are a rough guide but if the is a great difference between the two sides, you can tell.

Take the bottom plugs out of the carburetors and turn the petcock to prime.  I think the correct figure is at least 100 ml per minute, but at least you can compare the two sides.

Good luck.

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