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1967 KMZ K-750M Project - $3400 (Tacoma, WA)


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$3400 1967 KMZ K-750M Project Bike Tacoma, WA


Prior Glory
It is with great reluctance than I am listing my beloved KMZ for sale. I have owned this bike since 2011, and it has brought me so many amazing experiences. Unfortunately, at this point in my life I just don’t have the time or capacity to properly take on this kind of project. I have been putting it off for years because I wanted to make sure it was done in the right way – but with a demanding school schedule and some uncertain years ahead, I have decided that the best way to do this right is to let someone else do it.

Here are some details (as with any of these bikes, it’s not numbers matching original):
• 1967 KMZ “Dnepr” K-750M
• Reverse gearbox
• K68 carbs

I bought it when I lived in Hungary and imported it into the US in 2012. I have the US title and the Hungarian paperwork.
This is a project. The bodywork is in good condition with appropriate patina. I have the parts to put it back together, but there will inevitably be unforeseen needs. Most importantly, the engine is out and disassembled.

I have new parts, with receipts and paperwork, for the rebuild including (but certainly not limited to):
• Crankshaft
• Camshaft
• Pistons (78,96mm)
• Cylinders bored to match in Seattle by a shop that works on classic airheads and other euro machines

This is a really fun machine: a true eastern European survivor. I hope someone out there can enjoy this as much as I did. Please message me directly here at Russian Iron if you’re interested or have any questions about it.



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