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Speedo for Dnepr MT

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Hello there

  i am on the verge of getting my MT10-36 plated after a long struggle with the authorities.

In short, everything else is in order, but the speedo is not working properly.

  Has anyone out there got a speedo for a Dnepr MT for sale?

  I would be grateful for any help. 


  ride free


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You can always mount a bicycle speedometer on your Dnepr.

That will likely be more accurate that the stock speedos, and meet the authorities' rules.


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Hi, Russ

I agree but  that would not work in Switzerland. It will have to be an original speedo from the factory. They are very particular,

that`s why it`s taken me so long to get it registered, I`ve been trying for 3 years to get a number plate.

thanks for the suggestion though.


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I don't know for MT10 but on Ural M63/M66 was the same speedo as it is in K750, KMZ K650, Dnepr MT9. From a mechanic point of view they work exactly the same starting from Ural M72 until the last Dnepr was built:

1. Wheels on 19 inches

2. Rear drive ratios are the same

Just fit one in the dashboard and it will work.

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Bout ye Dowey

  aye, i think so.  The man took it for its inspection last week, that`s further than I ever got.

He is going to send me the paperwork so that I should be able to pick up a numberplate in my local traffic office.

I`ll let you know how it goes, but fingers crossed.

 Take it easy

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