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Chang 12v OHV for Nipper?

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I was just gifted for fathers day, a CJ OHV engine and transmission.  I have not seen much info anywhere on these OHV models.. Anyone have any idea where to look or have any of the Nipper faithful tried to insert one of these gems into a MT-11 or MT-16.  

Might be a fun winter project to get another bike rolling from the parts stash.

Is there a service manual for this jewel available online?

Sorry for the banter...

Stay Safe,


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The motor is WAAAY better than ANY OHV Dnepr motor. Electric start with over running clutch ( can't hurt anything by hitting the start button with the engine running). The Dnepr transmission is better, but the whole thing bolts in. Using the Dnepr transmission means no driveshaft issues. You just need to find a button for the starter.

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At first blush, the casting quality is much poorer than my Dnepr's .  I would offer the quality/fit/finish overall seems to be less than my early KMZ engines and tranny's.  I will have to see how it holds up to pulling a MT-11 rig around. The electric starter holds some glamour to me as I age... My goal was/is to have a backup powerplant for when I can't get KMZ bits anymore.  Right now I have stock of OEM pistons, heads and ring sets to last me and some friends for a few years.  

Again, the jury is out for a year or so till I can bang it around ... I really doubt a Chinese copy of a KMZ reverse engineered BMW will give the service that my KMZ power plants have. The KMZ engines have treated me well... If they just had a reliable E-start....

For those folks that have texted with questions; my little fleet is doing fine; only have one URAL now, the rest are KMZ.  I am looking to add a PATROL or GEAR UP in a year or so.  I feel that I will need electric start machines in a few years to keep this hobby going into my golden years.  The oppressive heat here in the South is playing heck on boiling the crap gas out of the K-65s and Pekars on the Nippers.  Its just to hot to putt around at low speed and expect the engine to cool properly...Reliable, hot re-starts take several kicks to roll them over after putting around.

Hope everyone is doing well.. Can't wait until winter...

Stay Safe, SB#3

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