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Blue Ridge Ural Rider's Party (BURP) July 9-11, 2021


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I will host the Blue Ridge Ural Rider’s Party (BURP) on July 9 – 11, 2021 at the Willville Motorcycle Camp,    http://www.willvillebikecamp.com/  just off US Hwy 58, Meadows of Dan, Virginia.

 Due to a short planning window, this will be a less elaborate Rally than our past event, so I will emphasize long rides on the wonderful, winding roads around Meadows of Dan, Virginia.

Routes may include the following:


Tentative Schedule: Friday night Dinner at El Charro Mexican Grill in Floyd, VA.

Saturday morning ride TBD with a stop at a local restaurant TBD.

Saturday afternoon ride down BRP, south on VA 8, VA 40 to Ferrum (Ooh! There’s a Dairy Queen there!) and return via US 58.

Saturday night, depending on attendance and participation, hot dog cookout under the Pavilion – OR local restaurant TBD.

Sunday morning: mass stampede to the Poor Farmer’s Market, MOD for biscuits and coffee.  (Let’s see how many Urals will fit in their parking lot!)

Pump up your tires, tighten the hack bolts, bring your favorite Monkey and come on down…

Rick Guptill


Cell Phone: 919/418-4045

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