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WTB left side battery cover


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Are you in the USA? A location would help as this forum has international users. If you are in the USA you might check with https://www.heindlengineering.com/

They are a large Ural dealer that take Ural motorcycles on trade and also buy them. Some older Urals with bad major parts such as engines, gear boxes, and final drives they part out and so I'm sure they may have a used battery cover they would sell. You may also ask for one at https://www.sovietsteeds.com/forums/index.php

in the Black Market sub section. There are a lot of Ural Dealers that post and watch that forum for people needing Ural Parts.

A warning about that forum however. There are people over there who will deride you. A few have gone to the Ural factory for a tour and are now "experts" on all Russian Motorcycles and with that comes that special attitude. Also don't expect any real help like you get here. I served at the Annsiton Army Depot during my time in the US Army in the M1 Abrams Tank program and after Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom worked on Captured Russian Equipment including T-72 Tanks, BMP's, Trucks, and Motorcycles including Ural, Dnepr, and MZ rebuilding everything for Training Grounds Like Fort Irwin and Twentynine Palms. I was promptly informed over at Soviet Steeds I was posting Bull Crap in the few posts I made trying to help so I no longer go there. It's a total waste of time if you are looking for help fixing your Motorcycle or even trying to help others.  



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Terry's dealer contact info is:


You can also look up your nearest Ural dealer from the main Ural web site.  

As mentioned already, knowing your location can help us help you.


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