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Few questions about the K750.


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Searched for a bit for a front Telescopic Fork, in the UK so Europe, can't find one in good condition. One on the bike I've bought is rusted to hell and back and certainly not restorable.

Also, I need to restore the frame, but I don't know how to take off the wires and cables which connect to the brakes, speedometer, battery and other stuff. I'm going to do a "soft" dismantle of the bike since the engine and transmission are in great shape, but I need everything mechanical off everything body related. Any advice on this for a newbie?

Alongside that, it hasn't got the grips at all. Spark advance, Clutch handle, Brake handle is all there but not the grips so not only can I not rev the engine but I can't really ride it at the moment :P. Also, this has the older model handles, the ones that are on the outside, I'm not familiar with these or how to take them off.

TL;DR I need to know how to install grips and reinstall the brake and clutch handles, dismantle the bike without destroying any wires or connections, and find a telescopic fork. Thanks forks.

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