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WTB windsheild and skirt for sidecar


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I found this Ural sidecar windshield and skirt along with a sidecar cover on a Chinese Chang Jiang parts site for $170. Note that it's for older Ural sidecars with the old mounts. I have no idea what shipping would cost or the quality of it due to it being of Chinese manufacture. I've never ordered anything from that site so you throw the dice if you do. Considering how much Ural America wants for a sidecar windshield setup $170 is cheap in comparison and I don't know if they even sell one for older Ural sidecars if that is what you have. If you have a newer sidecar with the oval "twist to lock" attachment system this windshield kit will not fit. Again if you order it you are rolling the dice due to it being Made in China so Buyer Beware. I've thought about ordering one for my Dnepr because the Ural and Dnepr sidecars are very much alike except for trunk access and the covers for both are the same. No harm looking and that costs nothing. Here's the link.


Again I'm not saying you should buy it, assume it will fit, or the quality will be worth it assuming you receive it. This site allows you to buy via eBay and so if you did that you could get your money back with some effort if you do it that way. 



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On 2/17/2021 at 7:47 PM, dmb said:

Not a bad thing to have this week for sure. 

It's nice for the Monkey if you have one, but not for the Driver. The sidecar windshield provides the Driver with a nice flow of air.... OK in the summer but not so much in winter. It also guides rain water into the driver as well. I like the design because it lies flat when there is no Monkey in the sidecar. A Happy Monkey in the sidecar is a joy despite the extra wind and water.

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